There are a great many Twitter accounts available for golfers, whether you’re looking for hints and tips to improve your game, an honest review of that new wedge you’ve been eyeing up or just some good old fashioned gifs of some poor lad stuck in the sand.

But therein lies the problem: there are so many of them, it’s difficult to know who to follow. Fear not. Here at the 19th hole, we have carefully selected the best accounts you should add to your Twitter feed immediately.


Run by Ted Eleftheriou, he has been teaching golf for over 16 years to Tour players and celebrities. A speaker and writer too, Ted has a great insight to the game and provides invaluable tips and information to help improve your game.  


Another Twitter account that will help your golf game with character. With his very own Youtube channel, Jeff Smith posts many of his videos on Twitter analysing swings in slow motion and providing a clear explanation about what should be changed. He’s also not afraid to say it how it is.


We couldn’t leave ourselves out of the list could we? Exclusive golf holidays at great prices, hilarious vines and famous golf quotes provide a snippet of what YourGolfTravel offers. With Lee Westwood and Darren Clarke as brand ambassadors, you’re always bound to get great content.  

With just under 100,000 followers, this account is one of the most popular around and there is a reason for it. All of the funniest golf vines and jokes rolled into one. They capture golf’s niggling annoyances that everyone faces and turn it into something amusing. They even have competitions to win some great clubs if you’re feeling lucky.



Ian Poulter is one of the most active golfers on Twitter and he is not afraid to send a reply even if it’s good or pushing the boundaries. Poulter has his strong beliefs and likes to show his 1.82 million followers what it’s like during a typical day in his life.        


A larger than life character, Dufner will always show his true personality on Twitter, and likes to brag about his main passion… Auburn University American football team. Winner of the PGA Championship, get the insight from how one of the world’s best golfer lives.



A simple account, @THPGolf is one of the best around for reviews. From grips to the latest drivers, they cover it all and provide their own unbiased opinion. They also provide up to date information on current golf tournaments.        


English golfer David Lynn apologises for his sense of humour before you start reading his tweets so that provides a teaser about what to expect. He is another one that interacts with his fans and is willing to poke fun at himself. An entertaining character, Lynn’s Twitter page is full of harmless digs designed to make his followers laugh and he doesn’t fail.



Golf WRX is a online community for fans to discuss all things golf and provide equipment reviews, tour images and industry news. A great account for players unsure about which way to turn when buying a new club.    


Rickie Fowler likes to show his followers what he gets up to when he’s not on the course. From catching massive fish to skiing on mountains he shows how a professional golfer lives. 

Richard Forrester

Richard Forrester

Richard Forrester is an experienced sports writer, having worked at SportsVibe and written for numerous sporting titles including Golfing World, Birmingham Mail and Stoke City's website.

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