As the best players in the world tackle the scary Chambers Bay course in this week’s US Open, much of the battle will go on between their ears. More than any other sport, golf is a mental game and those players who can exhibit the best course management are the ones who will do best. We’ve all seen it among players down the golf club at the weekend – the old boy who plays off seven but never seems to do anything special; but he plays sensibly and gets the ball in the hole.

Here are five course management keys that can knock shots off your score (although yes, sometimes it is more fun to go for broke and to hell with the consequences!):

Tiger Woods tee shot

1. Don’t take driver off every tee. Yes, we know this goes against the natural way of things. But sometimes a 3-wood, or even something as low as a 5-iron, will get you in a better place. If there are bunkers around the 250-yard mark, and you hit your driver 250 yards, don’t be surprised if you go in them.

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Richard Forrester

Richard Forrester

Richard Forrester is an experienced sports writer, having worked at SportsVibe and written for numerous sporting titles including Golfing World, Birmingham Mail and Stoke City's website.

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  • adam hart says:

    Sound advise. Would also add “don’t try to hit too hard, playing at 80% will save you shots”

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