Ok, so golf fans are all pretty excited. Tiger Woods, the man with no less than 14 Majors to his name is FINALLY coming back into the world of professional golf. His layoff has seen a host of tip top talent come to the forefront of the game. It isn’t just the “new Tiger Woods” in the likes of McIlroy and Spieth who have stepped up but looking back to July the older statesmen of Mickelson and Stenson weren’t doing a bad job of it at Royal Troon were they? Anyway, the game hasn’t changed, even if his equipment has…Tiger will still have to knock a ball round a course in the lowest score possible and the expectations, because it’s Tiger, will be huge.

Perhaps we’re all a little too excited about an 18-man tournament…but the reality is we’ve been waiting for this for over a year and have had a few false starts and incredible rumours since then so it is safe to say that this golfer has been taken in by the PR machine and can’t wait to see what Tiger turns up. Most fans will expect a vintage display from him and with those expectations, a quick straw poll in the office saw us jump to these dramatic conclusions about his comebackwhat happens if he leads after the first round? What happens if he gets injured again? Regardless of what happens we’ll certainly be watching and hoping for something to give us hope that’ll he’ll be back as a Major force in 2017.

Tiger Woods fairway
His first tee shot…will be one of the most anticipated since a ball was struck on the moon. The quick to judge will say it’ll determine his entire round, down the middle, he’ll win, left or right…it’s over he might as well retire.

tiger woods for president
If he leads after the 1st round…all bets are off, Tiger is back and Jack’s record is in danger. FACT. Head straight down to the bookies, he’s got the Grand Slam nailed in 2017. He’ll probably run for President as well, and win.

tiger woods bad shot
He hits one bad shot…has he got the “big miss” back…what does it mean for the rest of his career? Anything other than perfect will have alarm bells ringing and commentators talking, “he left that one out to the right, that clearly means his career is over and he might as well retire from golf immediately”

tiger woods driving
His driving is BACK – I NEED a new driver – It must be the driver…his old equipment was holding him back…take me to the nearest proshop where I can part with money in exchange for 300+ yard drives please.

tiger woods coach
His golf is…errr…WILD. So we’re all expert coaches…Bring back Butch…his swing was never better than that…bring back Hank Haney…his swing was perfect…bring back Sean Foley…his swing was…well not great…but…bring back the other guy.

tiger woods golf course
He might be able to play well in the Bahamas but can he do it on a cold Sunday morning in the December Stableford…We’d all play significantly better in the glorious sunshine…regardless of Tiger’s talent, it is JUST down to playing golf in the sun and nothing to do with our bitterness about arctic temperatures and temporary greens.

tiger woods injured
Has he forgotten to activate his glutes again? Is that a hobble, is he swinging ok? Oh he’s feeling his back again. Let’s all get hyped again for the 2020 return.

tiger woods charge
Tiger is 7 off the lead with 9 holes to play on Sunday…sounds like it is time for The Tiger Charge. Classic Tiger of old birdies 10, 11 and 12, the rest of the field fall away as Tiger romps home to victory.

tiger woods walk
Tiger makes a birdie…he starts to strut…and do a fist pump…point the ball into the hole…chip in from the back of the green…we all get a little bit excited by a bit of confidence in his game and we start dreaming…

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