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Playing a round of golf is always a great way to spend a day. But for many people, that’s not all they want to do. Maybe they want to relax on a beach or maybe they want to go for a swim. This blog will look at a few of the great things that a person can enjoy on a day out on a golf course.

The Costa del Sol may be home to some of Europe’s best and most popular golf courses but that isn’t the only reason so many visit here each year. They’re drawn by it’s stunning coastline, award-winning restaurants and culture which is something that more and more are adding to their golf trip.

Spend a day at the beach

With over 150 km of beaches, the Costa del Sol is very popular for both residents and tourists. For those of us who spend more time in the sand while on the course than most, a trip to the beach might seem a little much but nothing beats taking a dip on one of the many inviting beaches stretching along the coastline of this region. If you’re looking for some of the most spectacular beaches on this stretch of coast, be sure to check out –

Head out to sea

Whether that is setting sail out of Puerto Banus on a yacht or doing a local fishing tour, there is plenty to do out at sea in the Costa del Sol.

Take on parasailing in Fuengirola or kite surfing out west towards Gibraltar, the Costa del Sol is home to a host of water sports that are perfect for anyone wanting an aquatic adventure on their golf trip.

Another popular option is to take a boat trip to experience the bountiful marine life which calls the Costa del Sol home. From whales to dolphins and even orcas depending on the time of year, can be seen on a trip out into the azure blues which stretch along this lovely part of Southern Spain.

Explore the history and culture of Malaga

Malaga, with almost 600.000 inhabitants, is a city with much to offer and is the gateway to the rest of Andalusia. As the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, Malaga is a much loved destination for tourists and culture vultures alike. It has a unique history that blends Spanish culture with North African influences. A trip to Malaga’s historical center is a must for any tourist travelling through Spain.

Considered by many to be home to some of the best food in Spain, Malaga has a host of delicacies that combine Spanish and Moorish flavours to create fresh and healthy flavours that are unique to this part of Spain. The weather is very amiable with lows of around 10 degrees in winter but up to and in excess of 35 degrees in summer. If the weather gets too hot, a cold drink in one of the many outdoor bars and restaurants is a must. Malaga boasts an impressive nightlife scene to go with the many art museums within the city providing a truly all day and day experience.

There are many remnants of its rich past, located across the city. Whether it is the charming cobbled streets or the Roman Amphitheatre which once stood on the mountainside or the amazing Moorish fortress wherever you find yourself in Malaga, you are sure to enjoy a visual delight. Other popular places to visit are Gibralfaro Castle and La Manquita Cathedral which is affectionately known as “One-armed lady” courtesy of only having one tower rather than two seen in most cathedral architecture.

Sample some seafood – Espetos, shellfish and more

Fans of seafood heading to the Costa del Sol are in for a treat courtesy of the abundant coastline which makes for the perfect fresh fish or shellfish meal. Whether it is some fresh anchovies or sardines for lunch or even sea bass, swordfish or tuna for dinner, a meal in Andalucia is one that is sure to be fresh and hopefully just moments from the sea.

For an authentic Andalucian seafood dish, be sure to try Espetos. These grilled sardines have been enjoyed for centuries and this simple yet delicious food is one that was even enjoyed by fisherman on their boats with carefully placed coal embers charcoaling the skewered fish with olive oil and salt to create a fresh and simple dish that will satisfy all.

We hope this has given you a little taste of some of the things that The Costa del Sol has to offer off the course. Whether you’re looking to play some great rounds of golf or just relax on the beach, you’ll find plenty to enjoy during your stay at the Costa del Sol. If you’d like to learn more about this beautiful part of Spain, visit Your Golf Travel today.



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