We caught up with our ambassador Darren Clarke at Royal Portrush earlier in the year and asked him to talk us through how to hit a punch shot in the wind. For most amateurs the focus will be hitting it harder in the wind which often increases side or back spin. This can impact your chances of hitting fairways and greens.

Darren talks through the importance of playing the ball further back in your stance to allow you to hit down and through the ball.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”338″ video_id=”9AKGAegboR8″]

Click here to watch more Darren Clarke golf tips and exclusive content with the 2011 Open Champion.



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  • barry cowe says:

    I always try to keep the clubhead lower through impact, it seems to keep the ball on a better flight in the wind. Guess I’ll have to follow Darren’s advice given that he has a Claret Jug and I don’t!

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