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Golf Interviews – Alex Narey of Golf Monthly

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Alex-NareyFrom fresh faced beginners to seasoned veterans the game of golf is a game enjoyed and loved by millions of people across the globe. Recently Your Golf Travel has got together with some big hitters from the golfing world to pick their brains about the courses they love, great golfing moments from the professional game and why they love the game. We all love to talk about the game in the 19th hole after a day on the fairways and here is what leading professionals in the golf industry had to say.


Alex Narey

Job Title

Assistant Editor of Golf Monthly

Golf Monthly is the UK’s best-selling golf magazine. Our key focus is instruction, equipment and features. As assistant editor, I look after the day-to-day running of the magazine as well as overseeing contract work relating to the brand, such as supplements and promotional content. My main duties are to ensure the magazine meets its deadlines and to the highest standard. I also oversee all feature and news content, from commissioning, editing and assisting with design ideas.


I play to a handicap of 14


Xtreme 19th

Alex atop the Xtreme 19th at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort.


How often do you get to play golf these days?

Not as often as I’d like!

What inspired you to take up the sport?

I guess I just played socially and to be honest that’s the way I play golf now. It’s a social game for me playing wise, whether that’s at my local club with a few mates or in the Algarve on my annual golfing tour. My golf was very, very social until I started work on the magazine but I guess my dad inspired me to play initially. He is a golfing nut!

Where is your home club and why do you enjoy playing there?

I am a member at Hampton Court Palace in Kingston. I don’t play there anywhere near as much as I would like to or indeed should. Lovely course though. It’s great in the summer.

What is the best golf course you have ever played?

Without doubt the St Andrews Old Course. Head and shoulders above anything else I have played.



The St Andrews Old Course


What is your favourite moment from golf’s rich history?

I would probably say Sandy Lyle winning the Masters in 1988, and that bunker shot on the 18th to set up his winning birdie putt.


Sandy Lyle’s famous buker shpt on route to winning the 1988 Masters


Who would complete your dream fourball?

They wouldn’t be pro golfers; that would be too intimidating so they would have to be worse than me! Ideally my brother and my dad on a Saturday afternoon but if I could play with anyone I’d go for Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Steve Merchant.

If you had the keys to a private jet and could choose to play any golf course in the world; where would you go?

Augusta. No doubt.


Augusta 10th

Augusta National – 10th Hole


If you worked for Your Golf Travel, where would you recommend for people to go for a golf holiday?

Australia, and try and get there as much as possible; the most amazing country in the world and Sydney is my favourite city. Not bad golf courses either!



Australia is home to countless world class golf courses including the stunning Royal Melbourne.


What is the best golf related advice you have ever received?

I get given so much but it goes in one ear and out of the other. Colin Montgomerie said once that if you are hitting the ball well on the range, you should stop, because you will only end up hitting it worse. Kind of makes sense.

What piece of golfing equipment or golfing gadget could you not live without?

All of my clubs misbehave at different times, but the rangefinder has become a bit of a must-have.

What’s the funniest thing you have witnessed on a golf course?

Too many to mention, but it’s always something at someone else’s expense, so if someone whiffs one off the first tee or shanks one out of bounds, for example. A few years back, GM’s sub-editor Tom Clarke shanked one and he hit the editor, Mike Harris. There were no injuries, which meant you could laugh that little bit more.


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The resident golf geek at Your Golf Travel. Have been lucky enough to have travelled far and wide playing golf and if I’m not writing about it at work, you will probably find me hacking it around my local course. Owner of 2 holes in one and some of the most crooked drives you have ever seen!

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