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Golfing across Mongolia – The World’s Longest Golf Course?

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MongoliaWhat the highest number of shots you have ever had on the golf course? Let’s be honest…we have all had ‘one of those days’ where we can’t come close to swinging the club anywhere near well enough to post a decent score and to make things worse golf has a way of kicking you when you’re down. Bad bounces, phantom gusts of wind and lip outs all seem to be more frequent when you’re down in the dumps on the course but I doubt any of you have ever taken 12,170 shots before.

Then again I doubt any of you have played golf across the entire country of Mongolia but that is exactly what Andre Tolme did a few years back! Setting off from the Eastern settlement of Choybalsan, Tolme played the entire 2,322,000 in 90 days taking 12,170 shots along the way and losing 509  golf balls in the process.

Along the way he survived on a high-calorie diet of mutton, mutton fat and sheep’s milk, mostly provided by nomads he met en route. Tolme had to negotiate an endless amount of hazards along the way including four types of poisonous snake and swarms of flies and mosquitoes which would be enough to drive many a golfer completely mad. There were also the kinds of hazards you would expect to find on the golf course like the largest bunker in the world…also known as the Gobi Desert!

By his own calculations Tolme was 209 over par for the 18 hole course he mapped out so next time you’re having a bad day on the golf course spare a thought for adventure golfers like Andre Tolme. At least our nightmare rounds only last about 4 hours!

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