[dropcap]As we’re sure many of you will know, the latest instalment in the James Bond franchise, Spectre, hits the big screens today, marking in all likelihood Daniel Craig’s final appearance as 007.[/dropcap]

While Craig, labelled ‘James Blonde’ when first revealed as Pierce Brosnan’s successor, has yet to take to the fairways in any of his three Bond appearances so far (who knows maybe he will in Spectre?!), fans of the franchise will be aware that 007 is partial to a bit of golf, having first taken to the fairways against Auric Goldfinger, in a match where the art of deception was far more important than finding fairways and being a dab hand with the putter.

But the match filmed at Stoke Park in the 1964 film “Goldfinger” isn’t the only link between Bond and golf, so what if James Bond, or a YGT client who fancied themselves a golfing OO Agent, were to contact Your Golf Travel and enquire about a golf holiday? We’d imagine it’d look something like this…

Your mission should you choose to accept it…
[table color=”blue”]
Mission Objective: Assets Required: Objective Status
Gear Up £4,000 Pending
Acquire Vehicle £700,000 Pending
Stoke Park £250 Pending
Huntercombe GC £100 Pending
Hankley Common £120 Pending
Royal St George’s £200 Pending
Gleneagles £350 Pending
Jamaica & Goldeneye £3500 Pending
Monte Carlo £1500 Pending
Total Outlay £710020 Incomplete
Mission Preparation & Departure

With all golf holidays, the action really starts the day before we set off, and while most of us would be digging through our drawers looking out our favourite golf shirts, and in the garage getting our clubs and golf trolleys all ready to go, Bond would no doubt be heading in a more sartorially elegant direction, and would be getting kitted out from an equipment point of view by his friends at Q Branch.


Now…we don’t have a direct contact at Q Branch so in step our friends at Trendy Golf with a delivery of golf outfits fit for 007’s well known sophisticated dress sense. There wouldn’t be any hi tech sports materials (we’ll save the tech for later), but rather classic patterns and sleek, simple designs.

A week’s worth of stylish golf attire, suitable for what we’ve got planned for the rest of the James Bond Golf Holiday, would look something like this…

Lyle & Scott Cheswick Chinos x4 pairs

Lyle & Scott Carrick Chino Shorts x3 pairs

Lyle & Scott Earlston Polo x 7

Of course, Bond is always prepared for anything so, just in case we’re in for some bad weather on the course, a couple of Lyle & Scott Merino Wool V-Necks and a Yarrow Waterproof suit would also be in the bundle.

We’ve gone for Lyle & Scott, not only for their understated, classically British style, but for their Scottish heritage, Connery is in most people’s eyes the only true Bond after all, as well as the fact that some of golf’s coolest ever characters have donned the Lyle and Scott Golden Eagle emblem at some point in their careers.

If Lyle & Scott was cool enough for Arnold “The King” Palmer, we’d imagine it would suit Bond’s tastes too.


In keeping with Bond’s sense of style, we’d imagine a set of Miura Forged Blades, crafted by Katsuhiro Miura himself, would be the only way to go.

Of course, when it comes to the driver however, hi-tech is a must. There are all sorts of adjustable drivers out there these days but the new Cobra King Driver, designed through a partnership with the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space, featuring its very own “Space Port2 would surely be high on Bond’s list.

A Stewart X9 – Follow Signature Range Golf Trolley would also have to be included. With the capacity to follow its owner around the course, as well as being driven by remote control, not to mention its many other hi-tech features including Bluetooth Technology, Downhill Breaking and Integrated Stabiliser, this is the trolley for Bond. Hidden rocket launchers included…obviously.

Throw in a dozen Penfold Hearts (the ball used by Bond against Goldfinger), a GPS Watch and maybe a Game Golf unit to track your on course progress and we’re ready to hit the fairways. Needless to say, these Penfold Hearts would be of the “special” variety too…capable of being detonated by their owner if needs be. Being a covert spy…we don’t think you’d even have to shout “FORE” if you were forced to use one.


While Bond has had more than his fair share of amazing cars, from Daniel Craig’s Aston Martin DBS V12 from “Casino Royale”, to Connery’s amphibious Lotus Espirit from “The Spy Who Loved Me”, there’s really only one option for our James Bond Golf Holiday package; the Aston Martin DB5 from 1964’s “Goldfinger”.

Introduced by Q in one of his most memorable scenes, the DB5 is a true icon and, as the first car that springs to mind when thinking of James Bond, it’s the only option.

Right…thanks to our golfing equivalents of Q Branch, we’re all set and where better to kick off our James Bond Golf Holiday than at the scene of that iconic golf match with Goldfinger.

Let’s that’s right…we’re off to Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire.

Day 1 – Stay & Play at Stoke Park

Opened in 1908 and originally known as the Stoke Poges Golf Club, the Stoke Park estate boasts 27 holes of championship golf designed by Harry S. Colt, one of England’s most esteemed architectural names. On your way around the course be sure to keep an eye on your playing partner as when it comes to James Bond golf matches, plenty of cheating and gamesmanship is afoot.


Stoke Park enjoys a proud movie history and was the scene for Connery’s Bond to take down Auric Goldfinger, despite his dastardly ways on the course

It’s not only the golf at Stoke Park which is in keeping with Bond either. Roll up in your DB5 and enjoy one of the finest clubhouses and hotels in England, perfectly in line with the luxury life lead by 007 when he’s not out and about showing off his licence to kill.

After your round, a meal in Humphry’s, which boasts 3 AA Rosettes, along with a few Martinis, shaken not stirred of course, or perhaps some Bollinger Champagne, is the perfect conclusion to your stay at Stoke Park.

Watch the classic golf scene filmed at Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire

On your way to your car, be sure to keep an eye out for Oddjob and flying bowler hats. Just in case.

Day 2 – Check in for a round at Huntercombe GC

After shooting the round of your life at Stoke Park, whizzing off to Huntercombe GC to notify your club of an appropriate change in handicap would be the honourable thing to do. Now…while Bond would no doubt be able to call this in, any excuse for another drive in that Aston Martin is understandable!

Huntercombe GC is where Bond revealed to Auric Goldfinger that he obtained his handicap of 9, and 32-year member and James Bond author Ian Fleming also played of nine at this very same course!

Day 3 – Play Hankley Common Golf Club

After a round at Huntercombe, it’s time to jump in that Aston Martin again and this time we’re heading South for a round at Hankley Common.

While Hankley Common, on which the golf course of the same name sites, is just five miles from the A3, it’s an amazingly secluded expanse of land and as such, the common has seen no less than three Bond films have scenes filmed there.

The World Is Not Enough, Die Another Day, and Skyfall have all benefitted from this amazing patch of land which is also home to one of England’s finest golf courses.

Day 4 – Head East to Royal St George’s

There’s one more course in England we simply have to visit on the James Bond Golf Holiday and it’s another which creator Ian Fleming was particularly fond of; Royal St George’s in Kent.

While Bond’s match against Auric Goldfinger took place at Stoke Park in the film Goldfinger, Fleming’s original account of the contest between Bond and the SMERSH Treasurer was based on his own personal love for Royal St George’s which he renamed Royal St Mark’s for the novel released in 1959.


Royal St George’s was one of Ian Fleming’s favourite hideaways and was the scene for golf’s 1st appearance, albiet with a new fictitious name, in the James Bond series, appearing in 1959’s Goldfinger

Fleming was an active member of the famous Open Championship host and was captain-elect in 1964, the year he passed away. In the years leading up to his death, the man behind Bond had made Royal St George’s his country retreat of choice, with his returns to London generally saved for Tuesdays which was “the only day when lunch was not served at the club”.

Day 5 – Brush up on your shooting at Gleneagles

Ian Fleming once embarked on a hedonistic golf break to Gleneagles so we thought included The 2014 Ryder Cup host on the James Bond Golf Holiday was a must.


Follow in Ian Fleming’s footsteps with a hedonistic golf break to Gleneagles where you can also learn some James Bond style skills at this superb country estate

Not only could you try your hand at the King’s, Queen’s and PGA Centenary Courses, you could also brush up on your shooting skills with a day with the Gleneagles Gun Dogs, or take an off-roading course which might just help you escape should any unwanted Bond Villains come to ruin the party!

Day 6 – Fly to The Caribbean

Ian Fleming also owned a house in Jamaica, named Goldeneye, and it now serves as the centrepiece for the Goldeneye Hotel & Resort, which takes pride of place on the shores of Jamaica’s Oracabessa Bay.

With so many iconic scenes from Bond films throughout the years, it comes as little surprise that Fleming penned no less than 14 of his novels while holed up in his Caribbean paradise.


Rose Hall awaits just a couple of hours up the coast from Goldeneye Hotel & Resort

A trip to Jamaica then is a must.

The Goldeneye Hotel & Resort is just 5 minutes form Ian Fleming International Airport – yes that’s a real place – and the Half Moon(raker) and Rose Hall resorts, both home to outstanding golf course, are just a couple of hours up the coast.

Seeing as we’ve had to leave our beloved Aston Martin back in Old Blighty, a high powered speedboat up the coast for a couple of rounds of golf seems appropriate.

Day 7 – Fly to Monte Carlo

After all that golf, what better way to round off the James Bond Golf Holiday than with a quick European weekender to Monte Carlo where you could indulge in one of Bond’s favourite past times…you never know…a spot of gambling in one of Monaco’s famed casinos, a couple of Martinis to boot of course, could see you recoup the money you’ve spent on your holiday! With scenes from films including Goldeneye filmed on location at Moncao casinos, this is the perfect place to wrap your 007 Golf Holiday.



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