Cleveland Golf have long been associated with some of the finest wedges in the game of golf, thanks in large part to their historic 588 wedge.

The 588 wedge has long been a legend in the golf club market. The most popular wedge ever produced, the 588 has been used to win over 25 Major Championships and well over 300 PGA Tour events and, having relaunched the 588 in the form of the 588 RTX in 2013, Cleveland Golf will be bringing another incarnation in the form of the brand new 588 RTX 2.0.

The new 588 RTX 2.0 wedges, which are revolutionizing the market, add unprecedented levels of control and precision to your game from 100 yards and in. The existing Rotex face of the original RTX wedges has been enhanced even further to offer the maximum surface roughness – think more backspin – allowed by USGA, with this being achieved thanks to three key advancements in Research & Design.

Fourth generation TourZip grooves feature deeper micro milling and are 15% sharper than previous models, providing increased levels of spin from all sorts of lies.

An advanced, 2-pass micro milling pattern has allowed Cleveland to push the USGA limits on face roughness, adding yet more friction and, yep, you guessed it…more spin!

All that spin is under control too thanks to the laser milling fine tuning that allows Cleveland to produce high levels of consistency across the whole face of the wedge.

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According to Cleveland, the next generation of their highly popular 588 Rotex wedge offers dramatic increases in versatility, control, spin and feel – giving you greater confidence with shots from inside 125 yards.

Now Cleveland Golf has evolved the 588 RTX to form 588 RTX 2.0 through a number of enhanced technological features and by offering golfers even more versatility of choice. This has all been achieved through hundreds of hours of testing and feedback generated by the world’s top players.

While these three advancements are seen as the key reasons as to why the 588 RTX 2.0 wedges are a must for any golfer with a penchant for a good scoring club, three distinct grind options also allow the player to customise their wedge set and shave even more shots off their scores.

• Trailing Edge Grind + maximum heel and toe grind
• Lowest effective bounce
• Keeps leading edge close to ground for aggressive lob shots, yet provides stability on square-faced full shots

• Trailing Edge Grind + moderate trailing relief
• Mid effective bounce
• All-around playability and versatility, allowing golfer to execute a variety of shots from most playing conditions

• Constant Sole Width
• Higher effective bounce
• Allows the golfer to use the sole to their advantage around the greens. Full shape gives stability on full shots, however the curvature in the sole still allows player to open the face.

All this techno-babble confusing? Check out PGA Professional Mark Crossfield explaining the different options golfers can choose from when it comes to choosing the right wedge…



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