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Playing golf come rain or come shine?

By June 21, 2012December 3rd, 2014No Comments

golfWhile hardy golfers who will venture out onto the fairways no matter the weather may question the logic of the type of fair weather golfers who spend big chunks of their hard earned cash on the latest and greatest waterproofs, only to turn and run for the shelter of the clubhouse at the 1st sign of a dark cloud on the horizon, there is one thing that ALL golfers can surely agree on; it is better to play in the sunshine than on a grey, drizzly day!

Here are 10 reasons why playing golf in the sun is better than the rain…

1) Vitamin D is most effective when administered in 4 hour doses…fact!

2) Your ball runs further on firm ground, thus ensuring thinned shots are not bad but actually the most efficient.

3) Drinking beer on a course becomes acceptable because everyone knows it hydrates you quicker than water does!

4) Golf buggies are no longer viewed as a tool for the weak and wimpy. They become noble steeds taking you from rough to bunker and ensuring you have maximum energy for your next shot/club throw!

5) The 19th hole looks almost mirage like as you walk up the final hole…the thought of an ice cold beer makes a birdie down the last a real possibility. After all, it takes less time to hit three shots as it does to hit four!

6) Golfers tans…let’s face it…they are a good look! And the worse you play the better your tan will become!

7) Upon hitting a drive 70 yards off line into the woods/lake/cabbage/housing estate you can always blame the sun for getting in your eyes. Dodgy putts can also be justified with an excuse that is popular among the pros. “I just misjudged the break because I was putting through the shadows.”

8) Playing golf in the sun is quite a rare opportunity in the UK & Ireland so to do so, golfers often have to jet off to pastures new and let’s face it…there’s nothing quite like escaping the rat race for a weekend of golf on foreign fairways.

9) Sitting on the terrace of the clubhouse with an ice cold beer is one of the highlights of any round of golf in the sun. Cowering indoors with a hot brew just isn’t quite the same.

10) There isn’t much that can match the sight of a crisp white ball peaking at the top of its arc against the backdrop of a brilliant blue sky…it’s certainly better than watching the ball get batted out of the sky by rain drops the size of marbles!
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