With technology in clubs and golf balls getting better every year, players are consistently hitting the ball further than ever and it poses a problem for the hierarchy at the likes of Augusta and other championship courses. They fear the course is becoming increasingly easier to score on especially some par 5s where players can comfortably reach the green in two.

Therefore holes are being extended and the hazards are getting larger. Here, 19th role reveal the 10 of the biggest things in golf from the longest hole to the largest water hazard.

legend Golf and Safari

Longest Par 3

Although we at Your Golf Travel think the emergence of par 3s in excess of 200 yards is ridiculous considering the challenge posed by short classics such as the 111 yard 14th at Doonbeg, the famous 17th at Sawgrass and the 12th at Augusta, there are a few par 3s that are so long that walking off with a 3 on the card would be a story to tell the grandchildren! The longest in the world may also be the coolest hole in the world.

Only accessible by helicopter, the tee for the Extreme 19th at the Legend Golf & Safari Resort is a whopping 1,400 feet above the green while the hole measures 310 yards horizontally from tee to green. A driver is required by even the best players and even of you hit the giant Africa-shaped green, two putting is no easy feat!

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