We have all played with or against a whole range of golfers with different skill sets and attitudes. Some golfers are a pleasure to play 18 holes with but there are always the odd few that make you picture their face on the golf ball before pulling out the driver on the tee.

There are the golfers that will waste no time in taking a practice swing before hitting the ball but then there are the players who take three practice swings, approach the ball and then back off again because they don’t feel comfortable (if this is you, then please reconsider your approach).

19th hole have split the different types of golfers into each category so which one do you fall under, if any?

The one with a temper

The younger generation tend to fall into this category. Golf is very much a mental game and there are people who can completely lose it after putting too much pressure on themselves. Clubs have been wrapped round trees, bits of fairway have been dug up and every swear word under the sun have been blasted out. They will calm down and go into a sulk and the best thing to do is leave them to it unless you are a wind-up merchant and really want to get under their grill.

angry tiger woods

The one who is always cautious 

We have all been tempted to try and take the Tiger line to cut off the dog leg over the trees. When it works it is spectacular but quite a lot of the time you are playing three off the tee. The cautious one will take an iron off the tee and find the middle of the fairway, safely put it near the green for two and most likely make an up and down. It’s effective but where is the sense of adventure?

The one who looks the part

“It doesn’t matter if you can’t play well, as long as you look the part then people think you’re going to be good,” is what somebody once said to me as he hacked his way round the course. They’re people who will purchase all the latest clothing, get the iron covers, Titleist caps and newest shoes as they step out looking like they are about to tee off at the Masters.

Rickie Fowler 2

The one who tries to intimidate 

Be wary! These will turn up an hour before tee off to hit a few balls on the range, make a few practice putts and generally not say much. They will murmur the odd ‘good shot’ every now again but they will be focused on their game and do what they have to do.

The one who will cheat on the sly

Most of us can hold our hands up to doing one of these things once in our golfing careers. They’ll mark their ball on the green and then put it down an inch closer to the hole, improve a dodgy lie or try and claim they got a 6 when they conveniently forgot about the two shots it took to get out of the fairway bunker.

lee trevino

The one who will continuously crack jokes

They are usually the best players to play with unless you’re having a poor round. A Lee Trevino kind of golfer, they will try to put you off your game by cracking jokes and talking nonstop.

Richard Forrester

Richard Forrester

Richard Forrester is an experienced sports writer, having worked at SportsVibe and written for numerous sporting titles including Golfing World, Birmingham Mail and Stoke City's website.

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