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Your Golf Travel invited 8 previous clients to attend a special golf day at Bearwood Lakes in Berkshire where they were given the opportunity to describe their own Masters experience at the iconic Augusta National Golf Club.

If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to attend “Golf’s Greatest Major” then watch the video above and see more detail on each experience in the video gallery below.

What is it like to attend The Masters?

We have sent over 5,000 golfers to The Masters, each has their own story but the soundbites remain..."it was even better than on TV" "it's a trip I've been planning for 30 years" so we have got together a small group of Masters golfers to talk about their Masters trip and why you should embark on The Greatest Golfing Experience of Your Life.

Matthew & Neil
It's a dream of a lifetime and also it's The Masters...it was my 50th and we went...loved it.
David & Sally
The whole crowd stood up, it was just electric, everyone was clapping, such a memorable moment to see.
It is just a magical place. I've been to Opens, a Ryder Cup but nothing comes close in terms of a spectator experience.
Eddie & Joyce
We went to The 2017 Masters, we decided to go because my wife said so! No it was our anniversary!
You won't experience anything like anywhere else in the world. It's one of the most spectacular experiences that I've ever had. I don't know whether I'll surpass it in my life again.

What Your Golf Travel have to say about their Masters Experience

Arguably this is the biggest perk of working at Your Golf Travel, attending The Masters. Whether travelling to The Masters for work or pleasure, the response is the same. Watch below about our own Masters experiences and our tips for how to enjoy The Greatest Golfing Experience of Your Life.

Gareth & Rory
I get the same feeling every time I walk up to the gates and into the course. It makes the hair rise on the back of your neck"
It has a real sense of calm and serenity...the only sporting event that has come close is The All England Club at Wimbledon it has a real feeling of traditional and the history that is all on show.
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