Anyone familiar with Your Golf Travel Ambassador, Darren Clarke, can’t have failed to notice the dramatic bodily transformation the big man has gone through over the last couple of years.

Darren has always been a fan of the finer things in life and as we all know, most of those things aren’t exactly good for you and can lead to some extra padding appearing in certain places! Now…by no means has Darren transformed himself into some sort of boring, wheatgrass-smoothy-obsessed abstinence guru. In fact he still enjoys the odd pint of the black stuff every now and again, as well as a few other guilty pleasures.

So if he hasn’t gone teetotal on all things tasty, how exactly has he got rid of that unwanted 4.5 – yes you read that right – stones?

Well, in a recent event called, An Audience with Darren Clarke in association with Educogym, held at The K Club, his secrets were revealed.

In front of a packed house – more than 160 people turned out at the K Club’s Legacy Suite and began with a drinks and canapés reception with delicious, light and tasty food served from The K Club’s new K Thai Restaurant – Darren explained that it had all come about after he had a chance meeting with Jamie Myerscough, CEO of Educogym, who chatted to him about fitness in general before shedding some light on the Educogym system.

“I met with Darren at the Darren Clarke Golf Classic in Rockmount Golf Club in September of last year,” last year explained Myerscough. “I happened to be playing on Darren’s team, representing one of the sponsors, Susan Morrice and Clannah Natural Energy. As we walked down the first fairway, Darren asked me what I did and I told him about Educogym and our fantastic scientific system. He then told me he could do with something like that and I said – I know!”


An Audience with Darren Clarke in association with Educogym was staged at K Club in celebration of the gym’s first anniversary at famous Irish Resort.

Not long after, Darren had Myerscough over to his home in Portrush in order to plan a regime for the following 12 weeks. He also had a gym installed in the basement of his Portrush abode…one of the perks of being a successful European Tour player / Open Champion / Ryder Cup hero I suppose!

As Darren will tell you himself, he tends to be an all or nothing type person so, clearly, the initial results would be important. Drastic change might just keep his motivation high whereas slow progress might have seen the Educogym regime kicked to the curb! Luckily, having embarked on the intensive 12 day program laid out by Myerscough – a combination of a low glycemic diet and daily weight based training – the early results were clear for all to see.

In fact, Darren even recalled some of the reaction to his drastic change from others on tour. “When I arrived for the first tour event in South Africa, in January of this year, there were gasps and plenty of jokes surrounding my sudden disappearance!”

The best thing about the new fitness regime though? Darren only had to work out for 20 minutes per day!

“I honestly couldn’t believe how little effort was involved. I was very focused and extremely motivated.”

Since the initial 12 Day period, Darren has continued his training – still a simple & manageable combination of diet and 20 minute weight training sessions – and the rapid weight loss continued, as well as other fitness benefits which have even resulted in increased club head speeds at the age of 46.

In fact, Darren has improved his physique to the point where he is the fittest and lightest he has been since his career started.

“Not bad for 46 is it?”

Not bad at all DC!



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