Each year, we talk about Augusta National, we put on our bets and prepare to watch another epic week of golf at The Masters. Each Major tournament is exciting, but for the players, it’s all about donning the prestigious green jacket. But why is the Masters Green Jacket so important, what does it mean and where did the tradition come from?

Bobby Jones’ Idea

Bobby Jones loved the red hunting jackets he saw whilst at Royal Liverpool in 1927 for The Open Championship. The people who wore these were the club captains; they looked smart, grand and full of expertise.

Bobby wanted to introduce this idea at Augusta National when it first opened its doors and fairways in 1933. Each member was to wear the jacket, to show that they were just that, members. The idea stuck in 1938 when the thick, heavy woolen jacket was replaced by a much more wearable and lightweight version. 

Sam Snead was the first winner at Augusta National to be presented with the Green Jacket in 1949 and since then, the fame around this tradition has only grown. 

Green Jacket Traditions

Each year now, the previous years winner of The Masters presents the new winner with the Masters Green Jacket. Only members and winners, as mentioned, have the honour of wearing these jackets, to distinguish themselves from every other golfer, but the jacket cannot be taken off site. The only exception to this is if you are the most recent winner, you can take the real jacket home for 1 year! Yep, only 1 year before you need to return it to Augusta and are given a replica. 

Why are Masters Jackets green?

Pantone 342 is the famous green colour we all recognise and associate with The Masters. It was inspired believe it or not by leaves, specifically the leaves found under the azalea plants in and around Augusta. 

The design is classic, a single-breasted, with three buttons and the Augusta National Golf Club logo on the pocket. But the iconic item of clothing represents so much more: authority, being an elite player, talented; part of a special club.

Pantone 342

Who makes the Green Jackets for the Masters?

The Hamilton Tailoring Co. have crafted the Masters Green Jackets since 1967 and cost approximately $250 to make. The jackets themselves are worth so much more, proved in an auction in 2013, where two-time winner Horton Smith’s jacket sold for over $680,000!

Who has won the most Green Jackets in golf?

Tiger Woods donned the Green Jacket for the 5th time in 2019, with his fantastic comeback, now sitting with 5 Masters victories. Jack Nicklaus is the only player to currently beat this record with 6 Masters wins under his belt. The next legendary name on this list is Arnold Palmer having won the Masters four times. 

Will Dustin Johnson be able to make it two on the trot? Will someone beat Jordan Spieth to being the youngest winner of The Masters at 21 years old? Drop us a comment below to tell us who your money is on this year.

What date is The Masters 2021?

The Masters officially starts on Thursday 8th April 2021, with the final round to be played on Sunday 11th April 2021. Monday to Wednesday are practise days and Wednesday is usually the Par 3 competition, although this has been cancelled again this year.

Going to The Masters

For many, watching the Masters live at the tournament is a bucket list experience. And whilst there are still travel restrictions this year, we are excited about stepping foot in Augusta again in 2022.

“It was Easter Sunday 2015, as a family we were having lunch in a local pub. My dad said to me ‘would I be watching The Masters’ which was due to start the following week. ‘Of course,’ I said, ‘I’ll be all over it’. Then from nowhere, my dad said ‘Why don’t we go’? Now, my dad’s not a golfer, never has been, but he wanted to see for real from what he’d seen on TV, the colours, the course, the roars and the overall excitement the event at Augusta bring. I must admit so did I.”

Dave Donovan, 4 time Masters Patron



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