Golf popularity is on the rise. Now more than ever, people want to get out to enjoy fresh air, visit beautiful open spaces and spend time with friends whilst social distancing. Golf allows all of those things and more. But why follow the crowds? Forget the most popular golf courses, here’s our first-hand experience at some quirky, unusual golf destinations.

Now that travelling is soon back on the cards, it is time to head off the beaten track and enjoy your not-so-typical golf break. Some of Team YGT tell you the most quirky, unusual golf destinations we have been to. Epic golf experiences await.

North Island, New Zealand – Cape Kidnappers

“I’m 99% sure I have been the furthest of anyone at YGT in playing at Kauri Cliffs and Cape Kidnappers in New Zealand! One of my most memorable days on a golf course is at Cape Kidnappers as it is every bit as “wow” as the pictures you’ve seen. The wind wasn’t blowing much at all during my round, but even so it was a challenge and a very tough test. New Zealanders have a great wine culture too and I loved sampling some of the amazing wine selection after my round. The ‘Church Roa”

Oliver Gunning, Marketing Team

Eswatini (Swaziland), Africa – Champagne Sports Resort

“The best golfing moment at Your Golf Travel has to be stepping off the back of the Par 5 13th hole at Leopard Creek Country Club in Kruger National Park and seeing a herd of elephants roaming along the edge of the Crocodile River. In fact, my whole South African experience was out of this world.
From South Africa, we drove over the border to a very unusual golf destination. Drakensberg is essentially the border between South Africa and the mountains Lesotho and is where Champagne Sports Resort is found. It’s hard to describe this place and do it justice, so give the vlog a watch!”

Richard Tidman, Head of YGT Select

Florida, USA – Streamsong Resort

“I know you’re thinking that Florida isn’t an unusual destination for golfers, and you’re right. But Streamsong is like nothing else in the area. Most golf courses in Florida are very similar to each other because of the land they are built on; they’re very man made. Whereas Streamsong feels more like a natural links style course. Something similar to you’d find here in the UK. This could be down to the location as it’s in the swamps.

If you look at photos here compared to other courses in Florida you’ll know exactly what I mean. Streamsong is varied and dynamic and as they say variety is the spice of life. The resort has 3 courses which are rated in the Top 100 courses and for me, the hype was justifiable.”

Gareth Llewellyn, Golf Travel Regional Manager

New South Wales, Australia – New South Wales Golf Club

“The view of locals in Sydney is that as you head South along the coast from the city, the coastal courses get better and better culminating in New South Wales Golf Club…it’s hard to disagree! You’ll be hard pressed to find a more varied course. The mix of inland and coastal holes with an ever changing wind make for quite the test. It’s located at Botany Bay, Captain Cook’s first landing point in Australia so holds some historical significance too. Look out for ‘Captain Cook’s Watering Hole’ on the 17th tee! If you’re looking for a warm up game in the area check out The Coast Golf Club.”

Richard VandePutte, Golf Travel Team Manager

Las Vegas, USA – Furnace Creek

“California is renowned for its variety of holiday activity options and that certainly extends to the golf. If you’re on a road trip between some of the great tours we have in San Francisco and Las Vegas try this for a quirky way to break up the journey… Located in Death Valley is the World’s lowest golf course, Furnace Creek (215 ft below sea level) which required a 6am tee time before it got too hot! We were advised to hit 1 club length more on every shot because of the heat and slightly thicker. This does take some getting your head round.

Not content with just 18 holes in a day, that afternoon we drove 3 hours to Sierra Star Golf course. This is the highest course in California (8000 ft above sea level). Here on arrival we were told to hit 1 or 2 clubs less because of the thinner air…..they weren’t joking as I found out watching my 2nd shot on the 1st sail 50 yards over the green!”

Richard VandePutte, Golf Travel Team Manager

Patagonia, Argentina – Chapelco GC

I visited Argentina a few times on a family holiday to visit my sister who was working in a cattle ranch. The holiday was a mixture of riding horses, camping in the mountains and playing an incredible Jack Nicklaus course. It was in the middle of one of the most beautiful places on the planet, so remote you just wouldn’t expect to find a top class championship golf course here. Nicklaus did something really special when creating Chapelco Golf Course.

Argentina is a country I’d love to explore more of, with top courses such as Olivos Golf Club (the number ranked course in the country) being top of my list along with Alister MacKenzie’s The Jockey Club. Obviously eating the best steak and drinking a beautiful bottle of Malbec after a round makes this my sort of holiday.”

‘YGT Rory’ Anderson, Digital Content Creator

Belek, Turkey – Montgomerie Maxx Royal

Okay, now we know Turkey isn’t exactly an unusual golf destination. Butttt Night Golf is a completely different golf experience and super fun to try, so we thought it deserved a place in this blog. See how YGT Rory and some of Team YGT got on a Montgomerie Maxx Royal in Belek under the floodlights.

We hope you’re feeling inspired for your next golf holiday, wherever it might be! Will you head one of these unusual golf destinations? Whichever holiday you’re in the mood for, let our experts above help.



I grew up with the game, a competitive younger sister of a golf mad brother. Dabbled in greenkeeping, now managing content at Your Golf Travel. Still can't putt.

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  • Lucas Huston says:

    I enjoyed learning about these unusual courses, especially the Champagne Sports Resort. I loved the quote you used referring to the sights that can be seen while enjoying the course.

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