Playing Golf on the “This Is Not a Golf Holiday” Holiday

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, golfers. It’s actually very easy to get your non-golfer loved ones to commit to a golf holiday. It’s all about marketing. And, although we’ll see right through it, if we benefit from it, we’ll play along.

Here are three Pro-Tips from this non-golfer on how to play golf on the “this is not a golf holiday” holiday.

Location, Location, Location

Golf can be played on every continent in the world. Yes, including Antarctica (although they don’t have an official course and we actually don’t really want to go there). In short, you’ve got plenty of places to pick from.

We’d happily ship off to Rome; spend the afternoon flirting with beautiful Italians while you flirt with the water hazards at Marco Simone Golf Club. Just under thirty minutes from the city centre, you can be back in time for gorgonzola strozzapreti and Aperols (which you’ll be paying for, by the way).

Remember: The Customer is King

In case it wasn’t clear: we’re the customer, golfer. Before you book your tee times, you need to find things to sell us: spa days, culture tours, safaris, yoga courses, pool days, water sports, romantic beach horseback riding (for one). The longer you can keep us occupied with things we like doing, the more rounds you get.

Fancy eighteen on Al Maaden? Drop us in the heart of Marrakech’s souks. Keen to experience Jumeirah Golf Estates’ Earth Course? Sign us up for a day of desert quad biking. We’ll hike while you play Whistler Golf Club (I’ve actually done this – this was actually a great day), we’ll unwind with all-inclusive cocktails at Kempinski The Dome while you tackle PGA Sultan Course at Antalya Golf Club, and we’ll go against course management recommendations and feed the monkeys while you work your way through the rainforest at The Els Club Teluk Datai, Langkawi.

If you need more recommendations, just call our Golf Travel Experts (0800 043 6644) and ask them what their non-golfer other-half would want to do.

They’ve been there, they’ve compromised, they’ve played it.

Timing is Everything

On the above, it’s crucial that you factor in time. Your non-golfer partner/friend/family member must be having at least 30 minutes more fun than you, in whatever you set them up with for the day. It’s important that we feel we got the better end of the deal.

Play eighteen, get back to the hotel, and make sure you look like you’ve had a really, really terrible time without us.

Happy Not-Golf-Holidaying.



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