[dropcap]Nestled in a truly beautiful setting on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, 60 miles to the south of Casablanca, lies Mazagan Beach Resort, where a luxury hotel and championship golf course make for a perfect holiday destination, whether for a family trip or a romantic getaway. If you’re thinking of heading to Morocco and Mazagan is a possible destination, here are 15 things you might need to know…[/dropcap]

Did you know?

Casablanca has the same time zone as the UK (GMT). So no need to change your watches and more importantly…NO Jet Lag!

Did you know?

Casablanca’s climate is at a high in July and August, averaging 23 °C and at a low in January and February at 13 °C.

Unlike links courses in the UK & Ireland, you’ll be sure of playing with the sun on your back in Morocco.

With golf-friendly temperatures all year round, Morocco is an ideal destination for your next golf holiday!

You should know…

£10 is the equivalent of 150 Moroccan Dirham. Trying to work out what something is costing you when faced with a price in Dirhams? Just divide by 15!

Did you know?

The Championship Course at Mazagan was designed by golfing legend and 9 time major winner, Gary Player.

Owing to its ocean-front location, Mazagan offers a unique golf experience in comparison to other courses in this fascinating country.

The course has a links feel supposedly inspired by Gary Player’s 3 Open Championship Victories. Maintained by Troon Golf, the elite golf course management company, Mazagan is kept in immaculate condition for most of the year, all but guaranteeing an excellent playing experience.

And just so you know…

Mazagan is also home to the Mazagan Golf Academy, the ideal place to learn and sharpen those golf skills for all golfers alike. The Academy has great practise facilities including a 300 yard range and an impressive short game zone, along with new technology such as flightscope and GASP.

You should know…

The nearest airport is Mohammed V International Airport and is 1 Hour 15 minutes from the resort. The flight time from the UK to Casablanca is 3 Hours and 20 minutes so you could be teeing off in the stunning surrounds of North Africa sooner than you might think!

Golfers should know…

The course at Mazagan is a Par 72, and measures a whopping 7,484 yards from the back markers, making it Morocco’s longest course. Fear not, there are plenty of other tees to play from so all golfers can find their comfort zone but still, buggies HIGHLY recommended, as are CAMERAS for capturing the breathtaking panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. As well as some dodgy shots from your playing partners!

You might be interested to find out…

There are so many activities to do for everyone at Mazagan, including a spa, beauty salon, fitness centre, nightclub, pools, water sports, karting, tennis, horse & camel riding, excursions and even a Casino!

Enjoy a relaxing cocktail or even a bite to eat after a long day’s work on the fairways.

For the younger generation, there is a babies club, kids club, and club rush for teenagers.

You’ll be glad to hear…

The hotel is wheelchair accessible and there are physically handicapped rooms available. Oh…and that the hotel has a doctor on call 24 hours a day….just in case!

When you arrive…

Check-in at Mazagan is from 3.00pm onwards and check-out is at 11.00am. If your arrival doesn’t coincide with these times fear not; the transit lounge provides a space for guests arriving early or departing late!

Did you know?

Mazagan Beach Resort has 490 guest rooms, suites and villas across 4 floors with ocean and pool views available.

From the standard Pool View rooms to the luxurious Mazagan Villas, there are accommodation options to suit every taste and budget.

If you’re feeling peckish, always remember…

Mazagan boasts a total of 9 restaurants on site, all offering unique flavours and cuisine along with 5 bars, and even a nightclub for those who want to carry on their holiday celebrations into the wee hours.

Did you know?

The Mazagan Casino is Morocco’s largest and most exclusive casino, with 467 slot machines and 46 gaming tables.

If you have a bad day on the golf course, why not head to the casino to try your luck at a different game?

Are you feeling lucky?!

You’ll be interested to know…

The city of Casablanca is only 60 miles away from the resort, and has some of the most beautiful Moroccan architecture including must see attractions such as the Hassan II Mosque and the Casablanca Cathedral.

You shouldn’t…

Leave Morocco without trying all the amazing food on offer, including kefta tagines, Moroccan meatballs and Harira soup.



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