Everyone knows that Gleneagles is a wonderful place to go for the golf, but it is so much more than that.   In addition to good food, and lots of other activities, the spa is the place to go to relax, unwind, and even improve your golf game as Spabreaks.com explains …

Getting there … Around an hour from Glasgow and Edinburgh by car and 15 minutes from Perth, Gleneagles has the wonderful sense that you are in the middle of nowhere.  Meander up the drive towards its castle-like exterior and you will be greeted by a man in a kilt at the door, what finer Scottish welcome could you ask for? 

When to go … It depends a little on what you want to do, and happily at any time of the year you won’t be short on entertainment.  Gleneagles has a grand portfolio of outdoor activities from its famed golf courses to horse riding, falconry, fishing, and simply walking in the simply beautiful countryside, so as long as you have a good waterproof, a hardy pair of shoes, and a good sense of humour, even the depths of winter will have something to offer, especially as any bracing activities can be countered by a good soak in the hydro pools or a long sojourn in one of the spa’s scented showers (peppermint or tropical in case you were wondering) afterwards.

What to do … Well, apart from all the outdoorsy things that we have already mentioned, the spa at Gleneagles is more than just a place to wind down at the end of the day.  The facilities are lovely, but the hidden genius is the presence of their naturopath, Louise Westra, who oversees the ESPA Life programmes, tailored experiences that can be used to address specific health and fitness concerns, or even just to improve general wellbeing with long-term effects.


Who to take … Your other half.  There is plenty here for him and for her, and lots of things to do together as well.  Add in the scenic location and some pretty spectacular food (champagne breakfast anyone?) and everyone’s happy!

Favourite Feature … ESPA Life in the spa, especially their Ultra Fit For Golf program which helps you to improve your game by addressing diet and energy levels both on and off the course, muscle strength, posture, and general fitness.  Next time we play, we’re going to be unbeatable.

Top Tips

– Time is key at Gleneagles. Allow plenty of time to explore, before your spa treatment, and even to enjoy your breakfast. You’d hate to go away thinking ‘if only I’d seen …’

– Arrange to do some of the less obvious activities such as falconry – how often do you get the opportunity?

Does all of this have you longing for a good soak in the spa? Check out all of Spabreaks.com’s packages for Gleneagles here.



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