Andrew BEEF Johnston is having the best year of his life and has now become a global golf sensation. He is the most popular guy in golf at the moment and definitely the happiest guy! He really has lit up the golfing world and has made golf fun to watch! In this blog, we take a closer look at Andrew Beef Johnston to see the positive effect he has had on the golfing world.

[quote]He signed every single autograph and I lost count of how many selfies there were. It was cold, it was dark, and yet he was there until the end and the crowd all left happy.[/quote]

Nick Dougherty on Andrew BEEF Johnston

“BEEFMANIA” in full swing!

I was lucky enough to be at The British Masters at The Grove on Friday and was able to follow BEEF for a few holes. Out of all the players on the course, he definitely attracted the biggest crowds with the largest shout outs. BEEF was loving it, he was always smiling and acknowledging crowd. I really saw “BEEFMANIA” in full swing, it made the event exciting and a joy to watch. He may not be like Tiger just yet, but am sure that in time, BEEF will become a household name and known all of the world. After his round on Friday, I was able to get a selfie with the man himself, hence the feature image. He signed every single autograph and took selfies with everyone.

BEEF downs a pint of milk in 9 seconds…

BEEF was challenged by Billy to down a pint of milk, just ahead of the British Masters. Let’s see how the pair got on….

Check out BEEF’s London Pad

From Inside the Fridge to his impressive cap collection! BEEF takes you for a tour of his North London pad…

He can dance like Miguel…

We all know Miguel Angel Jiminez has some moves, well at The Aberdeen Asset Management Scottish Open, Andrew holed his second shot on the last, so check out what happens next…..

A Day in the life of Andrew BEEF Johnston

BEEF was invited to feature on Soccer AM, one of UK’s most popular sports shows. We take a closer a look at what a regular day for BEEF is like in 2016, the year he has become one of Britain’s most popular sportsman as well as a global golf sensation.

Andrew BEEF Johnston meets Mark Crossfield

During the Omega European Masters in Switzerland, BEEF took the time to take with youtube sensation Mark Crossfield. They take the stunning course at Crans Montana, Paragliding and Wakeboarding. Check the video out here >>

Where can you see BEEF next? 

After a solid week at The British Masters, BEEF will take a week off and will next be in action at The WGC HSBC Champions in Shanghai, China. Be sure to check him out on Sky Sports.

Why is BEEF so happy?

[quote]I’m just so lucky to be doing what I do.[/quote]

Andrew BEEF Johnston

More Beef Questions

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