You might not ever be able to drive a ball like Bubba Watson, but now you can drive a hovercraft golf cart around the course just like the 2012 Masters Champion!

Back in April, of this year, Bubba released a viral video which showed him floating along the fairways in what he called a ‘Bubba Craft’ – he even hovered over the courses water hazards.

However, good news for us regular folks is that this one-of-a-kind ‘golf cart’ is no longer one–of-a-kind, as Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio, will be the first golf club in the world to have, not one, but two hovercraft carts accessible for you and I.

“We wanted to be able to offer something no other course could,” said Pete Duffey, the course’s managing director. “A way to further put Windy Knoll Golf Club on the map of public destination golf courses. It was an easy decision. When we saw them on YouTube, we said ‘We gotta have those!’”

Unfortunately these hovercrafts won’t be made by Bubba, but by Neoteric Golf Hovercraft and will be alike to those which are in operation in the U.S Air Force and at Disneyworld.

Who knows, we might be lucky enough to see these hovercraft golf carts gracing the likes of Wentworth, Gleneagles and maybe even the Old Course



Originally from the Home of Golf, I have been lucky enough to hack my way round some of the finest courses Scotland has to offer. Previous employers include the world famous Gleneagles Hotel - where I once recommended a half pint of local lager to Gary Player.


  • Leslie Porter says:

    I really find this amazing. This Hovercraft golf cart is indeed great. I find this awesome and I’m pretty sure this gives an optimal playing golf pleasure at all times. This is so cool. Thanks for posting!

  • Jeff says:

    Hats of to Windy Knoll Golf Club. This could really be a big selling point for them.

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