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Sergio Garcia’s Putter – Exclusive Interview

By May 20, 2011December 19th, 20142 Comments

Sergio Garcia PuttingSimple question Sergio’s putter, why don’t you want to win major championships?

Because it’s funny to see Sergio throw his arms in the air.

There must be more to it than that…Some people have accused you of being attention seeking. What do you say to these claims?

To be honest I don’t give them much thought. And there are other factors that contribute to the amount of time I spend out of Sergio’s bag.


I have never told anyone but Sergio this before but I suffer from Nyctophobia.


What is Nyctophobia?

It is a severe fear of the dark. And Sergio’s bag is a dark, dark place.

You seem to have a strained relationship with Sergio…Is the issue with your phobia a factor in that?

It certainly doesn’t help. I don’t think he cares about me enough; he still puts me in his bag despite my phobia and he never takes me out for dinner while he is out all the time with that new Taylormade Driver. Jealousy is the wrong word…I feel used and neglected.

Ok this is getting a little more personal than I had intended so I’m going to ask some more trivial questions.

What is the distance you like missing from the most?

Well the longer I can stay out of that bag the better so distance isn’t really a factor for me. My general strategy is to leave long putts about three or four feet from the hole. I never like to give Sergio an easy tap in.

Sergio’s ball striking is up there with the very best of them and he hits more greens in regulation than most. Do you prefer making him miss easy birdie putts or three putting from range?

I take satisfaction from both but it is easy to three putt from range so I guess I would have to say missing makeable birdie putts.

You’re not the first putter Sergio has had in his bag. Did your predecessors have any words of wisdom for you?

Not really. They have been keeping an eye on my progress though and they encourage me and tell me to just keep doing what I’m doing. My ambition is to follow in the footsteps of Sergio’s old belly putter. That missed putt to win the 2007 Open at Carnoustie was a classic.

And finally, what’s your favourite number?

Three of course!
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  • Richard Pipe says:

    Ha ha, Sergio’s putter is nearly as bad as mine. Although if it did what Sergio’s did, I would probably have put it over my knee by now.

  • Michael Byers says:

    Who would win in a putt off between Sergio’s putter and Bernhard Langer’s? I’d personally back the broom all day long!

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