You may not have been away this year or perhaps, you are a beginner golfer who gained a passion for the sport during lockdown. Whichever applies to you, here are our Travel Tips For The Algarve, to get your golf holiday planned and in the diary. And then all that’s left to do is work on your game. Easy!

Travel Tip 1 – What time of year is best to go the Algarve, Portugal?

We’ll start off our Travel Tips For The Algarve by letting you know the region is lucky enough to get over 300 days of Sunshine a year, something us Brits are not used to. Average temperatures in the summer get up towards 30 degrees C. Outside of this season, if you’re playing early in the morning, or will be finishing your round in the early evening, a light jumper will suffice to keep you warm.

During the summer months is ‘high-season’ for the region, and although there are generally lots of holiday makers, it doesn’t feel crowded. There is simply a good buzzing atmosphere.

However, if you manage to take advantage of some ‘low-season’ offers, the weather is still very golf friendly. Generally speaking, all the bars and restaurants have a more chilled vibe. Everything you need is still open and the service you receive is second to none.

Tip for The Algarve 2 – What area of the Algarve should I visit?

This tip applies more for where you want to spend your time OFF OF THE GOLF COURSE. Yes that’s right, despite it being a golf holiday we highly encourage you to check out other activities on offer.

The East has a more authentic feel to it. Typically here you’ll find more traditional Algarve cuisine and wine. You can explore a historic town like Tavira, head towards the barrier islands of Ria Formosa or relax on quiet beautiful beaches.

The West has a huge variety of restaurants, bars and nightlife as well as stunning, popular beaches. Lagos and Portimao are hubs for a fun, social atmosphere. And this applies for Central Algarve too – Albufeira is a great destination on the beach with plenty of activities and lively surroundings.

Algarve Travel Tip 3 – Tee Time Planning

There are a HUGE array of golf courses on offer – we often call The Algarve the Mecca of golf holidays in Europe because you need to go there at least once. We’re not just talking quantity of courses either, but quality too. (Click here to find out about The Best Courses in the Algarve >>). To make the most of your trip, you need to think about what time of day you want to tee-off. If you plan on having a few late nights, celebrating your score – will an afternoon tee-time suit you better? That way, you don’t have to rush in the morning and can enjoy your round without a hangover.

Early tee-times may suit your group of early risers better. Get out before everyone else and have a more relaxed round.

Our Golf Travel Experts can organise your tee-times for you – just let them know your preferences. And if you travel in Winter, be aware that the sunset is earlier. You don’t really want to be playing your last few holes in the dark – the ball can be hard enough to find if you spray it off the tee as it is!

Tip 4 and 5 with YGT Rory

Get inspired of which courses to play and find out YGT Rory’s two final Travel Tips For The Algarve, Portugal. And don’t forget, we’re just a phone call or email away to get your golf holiday booked.

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