The importance of a decent set of wedges shouldn’t be underestimated…after all; the majority (around 60%) of shots taken on the golf course, whether that is by the scratch golfer or a complete novice will be hit from 100 yards and in.

Of course, many of these shots are likely to be putts but this still points to the frequency at which you’ll be reaching for a wedge, whether it’s a low bounce 60 degree lob wedge, a standard pitching wedge or anything in between.

We’re not necessarily advocating the age old cliché that golfers drive for show and putt for dough – we’re with Mark Broadie and his “Every Shot Counts” formula – with such a heavy focus on the short game, but why not give yourself the best possible chance of making those all important up-and-downs around the greens both for birdie or just to save par?

The good news for you guys is that, should you be looking to revamp or update your wedge set, our friends at Cleveland Golf are offering, from now until the end of June, 50% off any second 588 RTX 2.0 Wedge purchased.


Not only will you be making a great saving, but your arsenal of weapons around the greens will be some of the best on the market. In fact, they’ll be the most popular wedge ever made!


Soren and Shane have their Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0s sorted…time for you to get yours?!

That’s right…the 588 wedge has long been a legend in the golf club market. It’s the most popular wedge ever produced, and has been used to win over 25 Major Championships and well over 300 PGA Tour events and, having relaunched the 588 in the form of the 588 RTX in 2013, and again with another incarnation in the form of the brand new 588 RTX 2.0, it has kept up with the times too.

The buy one, get one half price offer from Cleveland Golf means you can be on your way to closing the gaps between your wedges like Graeme McDowell, whose wedge set includes 48, 52, 58 degree wedges, and ultimately give you better playability around the greens like the world’s top players including the likes of Shane Lowry, Hideki Matsuyama & J.B Holmes.

The 588 RTX 2.0 wedges are designed to cover every golfers needs across the short game. Offering the largest number of loft and bounce options as well as the only dedicated custom fitting system with interchangeable heads and shafts in the UK industry, Cleveland Golf has designed the perfect array of scoring tools to help golfers take charge of their short game.

Watch as Mark Crossfield takes us through the different options you should consider when you’re buying a new set of wedges.

After conducting extensive research with the help of the elite players mentioned above, Cleveland Golf has developed three distinct wedge grinds in two different designs that aid players short game’s subject to their particular technique and the conditions they most commonly play in.

These include, for the higher handicapped golfers and improving wedge players, a more forgiving cavity back design, as well as a traditional muscle-back head shape for those more confident with a wedge in hand.

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