As Mark Twain once said, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” In these trying times, what can we do as individual golfers to make sure we keep proving Mark was talking a load of waffle?

On that note, getting out on the golf course, should we even be doing it?

Sir Patrick Vallance (UK Chief Scientific Advisor) said: ‘We’re not asking everyone to be completely isolated. The specific advice is to avoid close contact. A walk is OK if you keep a distance.’

And golf is essentially a walk, isn’t it? A really good walk, despite what Mr Twain thought. ;-) We know that these are uncertain times, but if you’re in good health and not showing any symptoms of Covid19, exercise and fresh air will be good for both your physical and mental health.

Exercise is a known stress buster, so if you’re sensible and follow some simple steps, we see no reason why you can’t golf local and enjoy a few holes.

If you’re planning on hitting the fairways over the coming days / weeks, let’s all make an effort to do so as safely as possible. With that in mind, here are a few key points to keep in mind…

  • Take a bottle of hand sanitiser around the course with you and apply when you arrive, a few times during your round and before you go home
  • We’re suggesting walking, rather than sharing a buggy – social distancing is easier this way
  • Play as a 2-ball. There’s fewer of you on the tee box so that 2m gap is easy to maintain from the get-go
  • Book your tee-time online or over the phone, don’t wander into the pro shop
  • Avoid the locker room, wear your golf attire to the course, and change your shoes in the car park (many courses are relaxing the rules on this)
  • Don’t shake hands on the 1st or 18th (or any other hole for that matter) 
  • Now is not the time to get a hole-in-one. High-fives and beers in the clubhouse afterwards will be breaking social distancing rules
  • Some courses are putting cups around flag pins to avoid needing to touch the flag, but if yours isn’t doing this & you decide to putt out (surely it’s a gimme?!), leave the flag in and retrieve your ball with your gloved hand. (it goes without saying, please don’t share putters either)
  • The same applies to bunker rakes. Smooth the sand over with your foot (or Patrick Reed style with the back of your wedge ;-) ) as best you can instead of using the rake 
  • After your round, it’s probably best to go home and arrange beers with your friends for another time

But do remember, seek the latest advice from and listen to the professionals.

Stay safe out there people, as best you can.
All the Team at Your Golf Travel



I grew up with the game, a competitive younger sister of a golf mad brother. Dabbled in greenkeeping, now managing content at Your Golf Travel. Still can't putt.

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