It happens on a rare occasion and you often look up into the heavens and curse your luck. If your ball is stuck up against a tree or on the lip of a bunker and you can’t stand on the proper side of your ball there is no need to take the penalty drop – just turn around, show your backside to where you want your ball to go and hit it to safety.

It can get you out one or two sticky situations but it is not as easy as you may think. Luckily, 19th hole have a tried and tested method how to play the backhanded chip.

Step 1 – Pick a wedge. Simple enough. But as you won’t be looking at your intended target nor the ball during contact, pick a club with the largest club face that will go you a broader hitting area.

Step 2 – Turn your back to the target and stand about six inches to the left of the ball (if you’re right handed). Grip your hand in the middle of the handle and flip it round so that it faces and target and rests on the toe of the club.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”400″ video_id=”7pih4zBwYk8″]

Step 3 – Keeping your upper arm as still as possible cock your club up by bending your right elbow.

Step 4 – Straighten the arm and slap the back of the ball. Be confident with the shot and make sure the speed of the swing is consistent throughout out. Make sure you do a few practice swings before hitting the ball to get a feel of how hard you want to hit it.

Richard Forrester

Richard Forrester

Richard Forrester is an experienced sports writer, having worked at SportsVibe and written for numerous sporting titles including Golfing World, Birmingham Mail and Stoke City's website.

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