In recent months, you may have caught a glimpse of the flashy new sticks living in the bags of Graeme McDowell, Keegan Bradley and Hideki Matsuyama.

The good news is that from this month on, you’ll find the very same range of clubs at a pro shop near you.

They’re all members of Srixon’s Z Series – a brand new range of Metal Woods, Utility Clubs and Irons which offer tailored performance for all standards of golfers, from the Tour professional to us Weekend Warriors.

Srixon Z 545 Driver

The Z 545 Driver is a mid-high launch, fully adjustable driver with low spin suitable for all abilities. With a sleek, aggressive design, this is the type of driver for players seeking maximum distance off the tee. The 460cc profile inspires confidence over the ball and aids forgiveness, while “Dual Speed Technology”  (DST) helps to maximise a player’s rotation efficiency and deliver more kinetic energy at impact, resulting in greater head speed, ball speed and distance. Srixon’s “Quick Tuning System” (QTS) allows you to easily adjust the Z 545 driver’s loft, lie, face angle and centre of gravity settings to suit your swing, while a huge sweet spot (35% larger than the previous model) helps you to hit it straighter more often.

srixon drivers
Added distance, greater forgiveness and adjustable settings are just some of the features of the new Z 545 Driver, Z F45 Fairway and Z H45 Hybrid clubs.

Srixon Z F45 Fairway and Z H45 Hybrid

The design of the Z F45 fairway is engineered to maximise launch conditions from any lie. An ultra-hot HT1770 maraging steel Booster cup face has raised the COR (spring-like effect) by 15 points for maximum ball speed. Srixon’s QTS again allows you to choose between 12 settings for loft, lie, face angle and centre of gravity.

In the H45 hybrid, the centre of gravity has been lowered to promote a higher, more penetrating launch. The club heads have undergone a redesign to help smoother turf interaction and give you more confidence at address.

Srixon Z 945, Z 745, Z 545 Irons and Z U45 Utility

The Srixon Z series of irons have been built to cater for two distinct types of players; professionals and amateurs. The slim topline and compact shape in their Z 745 and Z 945 irons provide the confidence and workability that better players demand. Amateurs will benefit from the more generous forgiveness and distance in the slightly larger Z 545 irons, which feature a strategically positioned tungsten weight in the toe of the 3-6 irons to move the sweet spot for longer, more forgiving flights.

srixon irons
Srixon’s new Z Series irons come in three different models – aimed at meeting the needs of all standards of players.

To enhance turf interaction and trajectory control, the Z 545, 745 and 945 irons all feature the newly developed Tour V.T. Sole. By increasing leading bounce and decreasing trailing bounce, a “V” is created in the sole profile that helps tighten shot dispersion, a feature that Srixon’s tour professionals raved about during testing.

Srixon Z Series irons and utility also features double laser milling, which places two different laser milling patterns on the club face, one parallel to the grooves and another slightly angled. The result is more stable spin performance for better distance control from every lie.

To view the full loft, shaft and spec options for all of Srixon’s new Z Series range, visit



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