Speaking from experience, arriving at Augusta National for the first time can be overwhelming, a Masters Spectator Guide would be very useful upon entry. As a golf fan you’ve probably spent much of your formative years and adult life watching The Masters play out on TV and if that is indeed the case, you’ll probably, to a certain extent at least, know the course, its famous landmarks and all its nooks and crannies like the back of your hand.

Like me the first time I arrived at the course, you’ll likely be overwhelmed with excitement and, like a kid on Christmas morning not knowing which present to open first, you’ll be unsure of where to head when you arrive at the course.

    • Do you hang out near the 1st tee and watch players get their rounds underway for a while?
    • Or do you make a beeline for Amen Corner?
    • And where are the concession stands?

Yes…I need a Hot BBQ sandwich already.

The main thing though, is that wherever you may choose to head for when you arrive at Augusta National, getting there early doors and securing a front row seat by plonking your Masters Chair down (the stories are true; pick your spot, set down your chair and you’re all sorted for th entire day) is priority number one. Every…single…time.

With your time at The Masters being precious to say the least, I thought I’d give you guys a helping hand and let you know where I think are the best spots on the course from a Masters Patron’s perspective. Of course…the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and to be honest, pitching up anywhere on the course would be understandable, but from my own personal experience, here are my 5 recommended spots where you should be aiming to secure a spot with your Masters Chair…

Behind the 16th Tee: Redbud

Augusta National - Hole 16

Short walk to several other holes, as well as bathrooms and concessions!

Behind the 12th Tee: Golden Bell

Augusta National - 12th Hole

The heart of Amen Corner & a short walk to bathrooms and concessions – Very busy area compared to other selected viewing spots.

Adjacent to the 2nd green: Pink Dogwood

Augusta National - 2nd Hole

Watch approach shots from the top of the hill and get up close to players as they reach the green. Not very close to concessions and bathrooms but very close to several other greens and the 8th tee.

Adjacent to the 8th tee: Yellow Jasmine

Augusta National - 8th Hole

Grab a front row seat and watch the best players in the world display their power, whapping drivers up this lengthy par 5. Close to small concession stand and merchandise booth.

Right-hand side of the 10th fairway: Camellia

Augusta National - 10th Hole

Isolated from much of the course and a tiring walk back up the hill, but one of the course’s most dramatic & beautiful holes. Hug the right side of the fairway and be sure to find the spot where Bubba hit his miracle hook in the 2012 playoff.

The Masters - Inside The Ropes
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