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We've put together the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions so you can find out all you need to know about Your Golf Travel.

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If you have any further questions, please call 0800 043 6644, use the chat function on our website or fill out an enquiry form.

Enquiries & Bookings FAQs

Why should I book a golf holiday through Your Golf Travel instead of by myself?

We love this question. We would ask this question if we weren't us.

The answer is very simple: we're professionals at this. And, because we're the biggest golf travel company in the world, we can leverage our unique partnerships with some of the best golf courses and venues around the world to make sure our customers get the best rate possible. We also do the heavy lifting for you. All the sourcing and booking of flights, organising of transfers, sorting tee times, rooms (and room upgrades). So give us your brief, your dream golf break or your weekend getaway idea and we'll sort it for you. Easy as one, two, tee.

What does it mean when you say that you are ABTOT and ATOL protected?

We hold an ATOL licence (9851) which means that your money is safe when you buy a flight-inclusive holiday or certain flights from us. We are a Member of ABTOT. All the package holidays we sell are covered by a scheme protecting your money if the supplier fails. For more details on what is and isn't covered under these two schemes, please see our terms and conditions here.

What do you mean by Flexible Guarantee?

If your situation changes and you are unable to travel to your destination due to the FCDO advising against all but essential travel and you have booked a package holiday we will help with making any alternative holiday. Any difference in price or non-refundable charges from our suppliers would still need to be paid by you.

For full details on cancellations please see section 7 of our terms and conditions.

How do I make an enquiry?

There are several ways to make an enquiry with us. You can either go through our website, and submit an enquiry through one of the forms attached to our various packages. You can call us on 0800 043 6644. Alternatively if you've had contact with one of our Golf Travel Experts in the past, you can reach out to them directly.

What happens after I have made my enquiry?

If you make your enquiry online, we will reach out to you by phone or email to discuss your plans further. We will need a little more information from you, to tailor the experience to exactly what you're looking for. Then, we'll produce a quote for you. When you're happy with your quote, we'll proceed to booking stage at which point we take a deposit, and lockdown your tee times, flights and accommodation.

What happens if I don't like the quote the agent provides me with?

If you don't like the quote our Golf Travel Expert sends to you, let them know. We're here to help you on your way to a phenomenal golf holiday. We'll happily look at ways to change up the quote so it matches your requirements.

How much is my deposit?

This depends on where you are travelling to. Deposits are usually £35 UK&I, £50 EU and £100 ROW plus any additional deposits needed by our suppliers, including flight costs, which will be explained by your booking agent.

What if I am travelling in a group? Do my group members need to be involved in the booking process?

Your groups members don't need to get involved unless: A. they're paying directly for their share of the holiday or B. they want to. The easiest way to have your group involved is by downloading the YGT App, and adding them all to your booking so that they can see the itinerary and pay through the app if they need to. Otherwise, they can liaise with your designated Golf Travel Expert on payment/itinerary as needed.

Outside this, we'll liaise directly with the lead booker on details like passports, any travel documentation and payments.

Not everyone in our group is a golfer, are you able to organise things for them to do during course times?

Of course! We're all golfers, it has to be said, but when we go out to vet the courses and venues we play and stay at, we make sure to take in as much of the local area as possible. We've been whale watching, to the Superbowl, Camp Nau for , desert quadding, to the Moulin Rouge, hiking, dancing, fishing - we could go on.

If anyone in your group doesn't fancy golfing on one, or all the days, let us know and we would be happy to recommend some other activities for them.

Why is it important to book tee times in advance?

Simple, tee times get booked up. But also, we get preferential tee times with a lot of our partner courses, which means other YGT travellers may get their slot booked before you do. Don't wait!

Online Booking FAQs

Can I book any package online?

Unfortunately, you can only book selected UK & Ireland packages currently. These are some of our customer favourites! And, keep an eye out as we’ll be adding to that list very soon!

Is there any difference in price?

There will not be a difference in price between booking online and calling our Golf Travel Experts.

Will I still be eligible for discounts and promotions?

Of course! You will be able to see valid promotions under our Extra Yards section for each venue and package you are enquiring for.

What cards can I use online?

Visa, Mastercard and Amex. You have lots of options Golfer!

Can I use my voucher online?

Unfortunately not. You’ll have to give one of our lovely Golf Travel Experts a call on 0800 043 6644 or you can email us directly on sales@yourgolftravel.com.

Why can’t I book any course?

Although we’d love to offer all of our packages online, we’re not there yet! Right now we’re making some of our favourite venues available. But there is more to come - stay tuned! For any other bookings, or for more options you can call our Golf Travel Experts a call on 0800 043 6644 or you can email us directly on sales@yourgolftravel.com.

Why can I only book for up to 8 golfers online?

While crafting your golfing trip, we look at all of the details. So for larger groups, we’d prefer to speak to you personally, so we can gather all of the important information to make your trip perfect. Call us on 0800 043 6644 or you can email us directly on sales@yourgolftravel.com.

Can I book a trip for tomorrow?

Someone’s keen! We love your eagerness, but you can only book for 4 days from today’s date. Want to play sooner? Give our Golf Travel Experts a call on 0800 043 6644 or you can email us directly on sales@yourgolftravel.com.

How can I add extras like upgrades to my room type or additional tee times to my booking?

You’re all booked in - amazing! To add any extras or additional information to your booking, please call our Golf Travel Experts on 0800 043 6644 or email us on sales@yourgolftravel.com.

Changes and Cancellations FAQs

I need to change the date of travel on my booking. How do I do this?

Things change, we get that. We have a dedicated customer operations department who are here to help with any change requests on your booking, they can be contacted directly via the information provided on your booking confirmation.

What is Your Golf Travel's cancellation policy?

You can find our cancellation policy in section 7 of our terms and conditions, which are here: Terms & Conditions

Vouchers FAQs

How long are Your Golf Travel vouchers valid for?

They are 12 months from date or issue if we are referencing gift vouchers, it may be worth explicitly stating gift vouchers to avoid any confusion.

What happens once I have made my voucher booking?

Once you have made your booking, you will receive an email confirmation with all the details of your booking on it. You do not need to send the voucher to us.

How long will my voucher take to be delivered?

Your Voucher will be mailed to you, this will be done the same day if ordered before 4pm (Monday – Friday), however we would advise you to allow three working days for postage.

Can I amend my order, or send it to a different address?

Vouchers have the option to be sent to a different email or shipping address if required, the purchaser will still receive an emailing confirming the voucher details.

How far in advance do I need to book to be able to use my voucher?

There is no restriction on how far out you need to book with your voucher, however it must be done so within the validity period of it, and we would recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

Can I redeem my voucher for internet bookings?

Unfortunately not, however our expert sales team are on hand to offer assistance in booking any experiences, so please call us on 0800 043 6644 to make your booking.

I have a voucher, how do I redeem it against a golf break?

It's very easy to redeem a voucher with us. Simply quote the unique voucher code with our Golf Travel Expert at the point of booking and they'll make sure that the voucher is used against the amount to pay, within the parameters of the voucher i.e. if it is a voucher for a discounted tee times, it will be redeemed against that. For any questions on the validity of your voucher, please check the correspondence on which you received your voucher.

I’ve lost my voucher, can I have a replacement?

A replacement voucher can be emailed through to you upon request. There will be a £5 charge for a replacement voucher to be mailed to your address.

Can I extend the validity of my voucher?

Vouchers can be extended for £20 per voucher if requested before the expiry date stated on the voucher. The voucher will then be valid for an additional six months from the date stated on your initial voucher.

Can I have a refund?

All Your Golf Travel vouchers are completely non-refundable.

My voucher order hasn’t arrived, what shall I do?

Please contact our voucher team by emailing cs@yourgolftravel.com and they will assist with your request. Replacement vouchers can be issued as stated above.

Other FAQs

I am subscribed to email marketing, how do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe in one of two ways, but the easiest is to go to the latest newsletter you have received, and in the footer find the unsubscribe link. This will unsubscribe you from email marketing from us. To update all your subscription preferences, please follow this link and unsubscribe through our preferences portal.

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