Since Chantaco's inauguration in 1928, many golf enthusiasts have shared their passion for playing the game on this historic course in the heart of the Basque country in South West France.

Golf de Chantaco remains a very unique club thanks to the family and sport spirit that has been preserved since its origins. It has had many a famous member including Tennis legend Rene Lacoste. The club has always been managed by a member of the Lacoste family.

Chantaco remains today one of the leading golf courses in France. Known for its splendid architecture, the beauty of it's fairways and greens but also for having held such prestigious events as the French Women’s Open during a 7 year period from 2012 to 2017. The new project of transforming and renovating the course and the clubhouse began in 2018.

The name Chantaco originates from a transformation of the word Santiago which in turn is a reminder of the Chemin de Compostelle, the way of Saint James, the pilgrimage route through south west France to the Cathedral in Santiago Spain.