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PCR Tests for Travel

With Randox Health & Your Golf Travel

Some holiday destinations require you to take a PCR test prior to making your trip. In addition to this, the UK government now requires travellers returning to the UK to take a PCR test on the 5th day following their return to enable them to shorten their quarantine period. As soon as a negative test is received after the 5 day period, quarantine ends.

We have teamed up with Randox Health who is a market leader in providing PCR tests to provide our customers with a fast, reliable, low-cost PCR test solution. Ask your Golf Travel Specialist for a discount code to be used at check out on the Randox website - this will give you access to the Randox PCR test from just £43 per test.

We advise that you order your test kit(s) ahead of your holiday, and store them until they are needed. The test kits have an expiry date, so you can store them for any period of time up to that expiry date.

When you are ready to use them, simply perform the test and send it back to Randox, using the pre-paid courier label. Randox will then perform the test and return it to you within the time allocated on their website via email, along with the test certificate.

For all your PCR test questions, please visit the Randox website

Using the code YGT43 will give you the following discounted prices per kit:

Test Type Discounted Price
Pre-Departure £43
Day Test To Release £43
Day 2 Only £43
Day 8 Only £43
Day 2 & Day 8 £86
Green Travel Pack £86
Amber Travel Pack £129
Algarve Return Amber Travel Pack £189

How “Test to Release” Works

“Test to Release” allows a returning traveller to the UK to end quarantine earlier than the current 10 day requirement. A traveller can take a PCR test on day 5 after returning from their holiday, and as soon as a negative test result is received can stop quarantining.