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How and Why to Book Now

It now has been a full year since details started to emerge from the Chinese city of Wuhan about a new and alarming strain of novel coronavirus and as 2021 begins, outbound travel from the UK has more or less ceased aside from essential travel or when our customers are travelling on business.

This is due to the severe restrictions placed on most people in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and partly because of the many barriers imposed by destination countries on arriving travellers, especially from the UK, who at a minimum need to take a PCR test within 96 hrs of travelling.

The Foreign Office is warning against non-essential international travel to almost all countries, and quarantine remains in place for the trickle of arrivals from abroad, who can be released on day 5 of 10 with a negative PCR test.

With the vaccination programme under way and there are now real tangible signs of light at the end of a very long tunnel for our golfers across the UK and Ireland.

These are the reasons that you can 'Swing with Confidence' in 2021.

Will I pay more if I delay?

Probably the later you book. On the basis of the small amount of inventory we have sold so far, Andy Whatley, MD of YGT, the UK's largest golf holiday company, says prices are already one sixth higher than in 2019 - our last “normal” trading year.

Furthermore here will be far fewer seats flying from the UK in 2021, not least because some of the older planes have now been removed from fleets.

This lower capacity will mean higher flight prices, which will only go up as the year goes on. With our flexible guarantee book your flights early and save.

Why book now with YGT?

• Get best pricing and offers locked in - prices will appreciate from March 2021
• Get best tee times availability
• Our expert advice to match these times including insurance, procedures including 'fit to fly' certs and PCR tests
• Exceptional local knowledge for Unforgettable Experiences
• Meticulously crafted trips by real golfers
• 24-7 UK support
• Award-winning service and protection

If I'm desperate for a winter-sun golf holiday as soon as possible?

The obvious destinations at the moment are Dubai, Antiqua, Barbados, Saint Lucia, Maldives, Mauritius, Seychelles which does not currently have a quarantine restriction for UK travellers.

Any golf resorts on offer? Some of our European golf areas are collectively closed to many UK visitors, because of fears of the new variant of coronavirus. Many of the bans are scheduled to expire during January and post the PMs statement of tens of millions of vaccinations by Easter, we are confident golfers will be able to travel by then if they are covered in by our Flexible Guarantee. Those who can travel before 31st March have the opportunity for us to craft some excellent deals for them.

What about golfing early this summer?

The spells for which booking now could work are the May half-term, likely to be 22–30 May, which is always popular with many families who are trying to dodge the high prices of the main summer holidays but offering golfers a great time to go.

The Euro 2020 football championships, postponed from 2020, are taking place from 11 June to 11 July. Flights to all European city venues are likely to be in heavy demand and therefore expensive so unless we are building you an itinerary around it then its best to avoid these dates. Our specialist agents can advise you accordingly.

School summer holidays as ever are the real high-pressure, high-price time for families. Schools generally break up in Scotland in late June and in Northern Ireland in early July, while in England and Wales it is likely to be on or just before Friday 23 July, with a particular peak on the weekend of 31 July and 1 August. The final surge of the summer is the last week of August, for homeward flights and we have some great offers to accomodate you.

What are our best offers in the Autumn?

Courtesy of our relationships with partners, we've been able to acquire a number of new and exciting deals for September and October travel in 2021. Specifically, those looking to go to Spain, Portugal and Turkey will be able to do so with some unbeatable deals including up to £600 to spend while on holiday with our Swing with Confidence Campaign.

Travelling transatlantic to the USA?

While some bargain transatlantic trips are available, British travellers are still banned from the US – with no indication of when that may change as yet - this could possibly be Springtime.

If we are booking your flights to the USA make sure its a flexible fare or refundable if the flight cannot operate.

Can I be sure the trip will go ahead?

You can never be 100% but that is always the case with any travel booking, but especially when no one knows when airlines and holiday companies will be able to restart full operations.

At the same time with vaccinations in the tens of millions by the Spring - we anticipate full operations internationally by Easter latest.

But with any of our aforementioned deals, you are covered by either ATOL or ABTA protection for package holidays and our Flexible Guarentee.

What if the coronavirus crisis gets worse, not better, and I decide not to travel?

Our fully flexible booking policies are here to assist, but these are time limited and will not necessarily apply to all trips for 2021 and some of our experiences are non refundable.