Congres Hotel Van Der Valk Mons is a brand new four star hotel which boasts an incredible modern design and is perfectly situated in the beautiful city of Mons which is the capital of the Hainaut Province Region. The hotel is located just a 8 minute walk from the city centre where guests will find a vast array of different restaurants, buildings and museums to admire. The hotel is also right in front of the brand new Mons International Congress Xperience conference centre making it the ideal rest stop for anyone travelling to the region for business. It is also just a few minutes from the NATO headquarters and many other large companies meaning that this new hotel is in prime location for your business trips. However, despite being ideally geared for businessmen the hotel is also a fantastic resting place for families and other tourists coming to the city. Congres Hotel Van Der Valk Mons has a number of high class facilities within the complex such as the state of the art wellness and fitness centre. Combine this with some of the fascinating cultural sites littered across the city there is something for everyone when staying at the Congres Hotel Van Der Valk Mons.