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Golf Breaks in France & Belgium with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Folkstone to Calais in 35 minutes

Eurotunnel Golf Breaks

Cross the channel for your golf holiday with Eurotunnel

Taking your own car to the Continent for your next golf holiday offers you total freedom and is one of the most convenient and economical ways of getting to the Continent!

Plan a crossing time to suit your golfing tee times and enjoy the convenience of travelling to your destination with everything you need packed in the boot of your car.

With a crossing time of only 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais, Eurotunnel offers the fastest Channel crossing with your car and the quickest route to the fairways! Its reliable service operates round the clock, 365 days a year, taking the hassle out of travelling to the Continent.


Travel to Europe in confidence with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle

Golf Breaks including Eurotunnel

Flexibility & Freedom

  • Independence of driving your own car
  • No fuel supplement or luggage restrictions
Direct Motorway links

Direct Road Links & Swift Exit

  • Motoway to motorway links from UK to France
  • Swift entry & exit
Reliable Service

Frequent Reliable Service

  • No delays for bad weather or high winds
  • Up to 4 departures every hour
  • 35 minutes platform to platform

Eurotunnel Le Shuttle inclusive golf holidays

Choose to hop across - or under! - the Channel with Eurotunnel and you will be presented with a glorious collection of top class golf courses and picturesque town. Soak up the ambience and sample the gastronomic delights as part of the quintessential French experience, or even head slightly further afield to Belgium.

Golf in Le Touquet and Hardelot is the stuff of legend with UK golfers, and these golfing hot spots are just a short drive from Calais. Pair them with our specially selected hotels and enjoy a fabulous golf break in France. Alternatively, make Pas-de-Calais your first stop on route to the French Riviera or the South West Atlantic coast, popular with summer travellers.

Travel Information

Driving distances (miles)

--- Calais Hardelot Le Touquet Arras St Omer Lille Bruges
Calais --- 32 44 69 28 70 71
Hardelot 32 --- 13 84 38 93 103
Le Touquet 44 13 --- 61 53 94 111
Arras 69 84 61 --- 47 33 78
St Omer 28 38 53 47 --- 40 72
Lille 70 93 94 33 40 --- 47
Bruges 71 103 111 78 72 47 ---

With its own motorway junction (11a M20), access to the Passenger Terminal could not be simpler. Prior to boarding the shuttles, you will pass through both UK and French frontier controls which means on arrival in France, you simply drive off the shuttle and onto the European motorway network.

Whilst onboard, relax in the comfort of your own car during the short 35 minute crossing. The Eurotunnel experience is simple and hassle free - no wonder they are the preferred choice for over 1 million motorists each year.

FlexiPlus Upgrade

Your Golf Travel.com customers can upgrade their Eurotunnel crossing to FlexiPlus as part of a golf break in France!

The exclusive FlexiPlus service allows you the freedom and comfort of flexibility during your golf break or golf holiday - turn up early or late and you can board the next available shuttle. Based on 4 golfers sharing a car, your supplement also includes a sandwich, snacks, refreshments and a complimentary newspaper. The ultimate way to travel to France!

Please note: Height restrictions – when you book let us know if your car and equipment are more than 1.85m high.

Eurotunnel is our preferred cross-Channel operator however for alternative Channel crossing options, please contact us on 0800 043 6644.