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Scott Cranfield Tuition Breaks

Scott Cranfield Tuition Breaks

The Intuitive Golf Experience

Learn a Natural Approach That Requires No Special Talent… It Works Every Time!

"The Secrets To Feeling Confident About Your Golf in Less Than 3 Days with PGA Master Coach Scott Cranfield"

On this 3 Day Experience you'll discover how to take charge of your own golf by learning the truth about how your mind and body work in every area from short game to the full swing.

These techniques will help dissolve the stress in your golf, boost your confidence, and make playing golf fun again!

Scott Cranfield Algarve Golf Tuition Breaks

Example Itinerary

Day 1

  • 09:00 Intuitive Golf Principles – Your Swing
  • 10:30 Coffee break
  • 11:00 Applying The Principles (Range)
  • 12:45 Lunch
  • 14:00 9 holes
  • 16:00 Refreshment
  • 16:30 Intuitive Golf - Short Game (Range)
  • 18:00 Finish

Day 2

  • 09:00 Intuitive Golf Principles – Mental Game
  • 10:00 Applying The Principles (Range)
  • 10:45 Break
  • 11:15 9 holes
  • 13:30 Lunch
  • 14:45 Mastering The Principles (Range)
  • 16:00 9 holes
  • 18:00 Finish
  • Evening Dinner with the group

Day 3

  • 09:00 Intuitive Golf – Linking Mind & Body
  • 10:45 Coffee break
  • 10:45 Applying The Principles (Range)
  • 12:15 Lunch break
  • 13:15 18 holes
  • 17:45 Debrief & Closing

Tuition Breaks

During the 3 Day Experience you will learn:

  • The 3 ESSENTIAL and NATURAL movements that will transform your golf swing; reduce your risk of injury and cut out the need for lots of swing thoughts!
  • NEW developments relating to the short game that will cure your nerves and anxiety over pitch shots, chip shots and bunker shots!
  • A ‘Quieter Mind’ that can only happen because you will no longer need to worry about a long list of things to get right in your swing – they will happen naturally!
  • Mental Game Secrets that will dissolve distractions in your mind, SHARPEN your focus & BOOST your confidence, GUARANTEEING better performance!

... and much, MUCH More!

Quinta do Lago North Course 3

Residential Golf School Package

Quinta do Lago

Please state which date you would like to attend

2nd - 4th December 2022
14th - 16th January 2023
24th - 26th February 2023
10th - 12th March 2023

from £999

Quinta do Lago North Course 3

Non Resident Golf School Package

Quinta do Lago

Please state which date you would like to attend

2nd - 4th December 2022
14th - 16th January 2023
24th - 26th February 2023
10th - 12th March 2023

from £859

Quinta do Lago Golf Courses & Facilities

Quinta do Lago South Course, Algarve, Portugal

Quinta do Lago South Course

  • Host of multiple Portuguese Opens
  • Rated in the Top 50 European Golf Courses
  • Designed by William Mitchell
Quinta do Lago North Course 1

Quinta do Lago North Course

  • Best New Golf Course in Europe (2014)
  • €9 million invested in the redevelopment
  • Renovated by Paul McGinley and American golf architect Beau Welling
Quinta do Lago Laranjal Course 1

Quinta do Lago Laranjal Course

  • Voted Best New Course in 2011
  • Designed by Jorge Santana da Silva
  • Unique layout of five par-5s, eight par-4s and five par-3s

Paul McGinley Academy

  • The academy aims to cultivate and improve golfers by providing them with the tools and techniques used by professionals on tour.

Taylormade Performance Centre

  • The only facility of its kind in Portugal and one of the few in Europe with state-of-the-art facilities and technology.

Driving Range & Practice Facilities

  • A driving range with an impressive back-drop, a short game area, a chipping green, putting green & pitching area.

Quinta do Lago Accommodation

Conrad Algarve Hotel 1

Conrad Algarve

  • 5 star hotel luxury hotel
  • Michelin-star Heinz Beck restaurant
  • World class spa
The Magnolia Hotel 2

The Magnolia Hotel

  • Unique boutique hotel
  • 74 elegant rooms
  • 15 mins from Faro International Airport
Wyndham Grand Algarve - Portugal

Wyndham Grand Algarve

  • 132 Sprawling Suites
  • Reflextions Spa
  • Walking distance to Quinta do Lago Beach

Hanbury Manor Golf & Accommodation

Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club 2

Hanbury Manor Hotel

  • Often described as "London's Country Retreat"
  • Jacobean-style manor house
  • 2 AA Rosette restaurant
Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club 19

Hanbury Manor Golf Course

  • Designed by Harry Vardon
  • Host of European Tour events
  • Range of tees from 5,360 to over 7,000 yards
Hanbury Manor Marriott Hotel & Country Club 16

Hanbury Manor Golf Facilites

  • Open-air grass practice area
  • Golf Simulator
  • Putting green, chipping green & practice bunkers

About Scott Cranfield

Scott Cranfield has been a leader in the field of golf coaching since 1989. He has focused on a holistic approach looking at all the different factors that might affect a golfer’s performance, from swing technique to anatomy to psychology.

He is the author of Intuitive Golf and the creator of multiple seminars on both the physical and mental game of golf. Scott has shared his messages across Europe to both amateur and professional golfers. He has personally trained over 200 golf coaches.

His direct coaching experience has extended from complete beginners to some of the World’s leading players. In 2011 for his contribution to golf coaching he was awarded the status of PGA Master Professional.

Summary of career to date:

  • PGA Master Coach & Professional
  • Coach to leading European Tour Players & Elite Players
  • 12 Year TV Career with Sky TV & Setanta TV, including hosting own TV Show
  • 30 Years of writing Golf Magazine Articles
  • Prolific trainer of other PGA Golf Professionals
  • Author of Intuitive Golf
  • Creator & Presenter of 21 Seminars in the fields of Golf, Human Behaviour & Personal Development
  • Keynote Speaker for various PGA’s across Europe as well as Blue Chip Companies

Client Testimonials

“Thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott and his years of experience to explain and simplify the ‘noise’ I have experienced, and to help create a more compact swing that requires little thought”
Spencer Fenton

“I found each day gave me more confidence in the changes I have made. The pace was not rushed and there was plenty of opportunity to discuss any issues within the group. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you”
Neil Ashton

“Totally different to what I expected, in a good way! I feel I've got a pathway which I can follow and refer back to”
Kevin Steadman

“The course has given me a much greater understanding of the swing and what is trying to be achieved. It has cleared up some misconceptions which I previously had and has led me to building a stronger foundation to help me improve my game”
Daniel Aziz

“I would like to thank Scott for his efforts, and I know this will help my golf game”
Tony Clayton

“Very relaxed and simple to follow”
Charlie Lim

“Excellent! Please keep training people like us”
Abedin Mohammed

Intuitive Golf Experience Frequently Asked Questions

What standard of golfer is this course for?

To attend this course, you will need to have had enough golf course experience to know the basic rules and etiquette. This course won’t suit a beginner or someone that has only been on a golf course a few times.

What can I expect to learn on this course?

You will learn the movements that matter to YOUR golf swing, and how to focus on them so you can build a solid and reliable golf swing, and therefore play better golf more consistently.

What makes this course different?

Most golf coaching focuses on improving your golf swing, which sounds obvious, however there is a fundamental problem with this. Trying to improve your golf swing without understanding the laws of anatomy (how your body is designed to move), and how you should be focusing will likely lead to a lot of frustration, because you are trying to change your golf swing without basing it on the fundamental laws of movement. This rarely leads to consistency.

The Intuitive Golf Experience will teach you how to focus on the ‘essential’ movements you must have to create a reliable golf swing and eliminate old swing mistakes and problems.

How do I know this course will help me with my problems, after all I have tried so many different things and nothing seems to work!

99% of what is taught in golf follows a similar approach. This experience is different. During the 3 days you will develop a clear understanding of what you as an individual need to do improve. This will become your blueprint; you might say your master plan. It will not change a week later, a month later or even a year later. Providing you stick to the principles you will continue to make progress as you will be building solid foundations rather than short term fixes that disappear as fast as they come.

I am injured or in pain can I attend this course? Will it help me?

Please contact me personally to discuss your injuries. That said the principles you will learn on the course are based on the natural laws of anatomy. When you do this, your body will function in the way it is intended, which in turn will help reduce the risk of injury.

How many people will be In my group?

A maximum of 8 Golfers. This may vary slightly depending on the venue/facilities, but in every case, the group size is strictly limited to ensure you get the 1:1 attention you need.

Do I need to be talented or have great hand–eye coordination to attend this course?

In fact, as you learn to apply these principles you will experience an improvement in your hand-eye coordination because your body and brain will be working much more as ‘one’ rather than in a disjointed way.

Is the information technical or complicated to apply?

You will learn some basic but essential movements that no matter what your standard or ability you will be able to do. Of course, some people will find these movements easier than others, but any progress you can make with them will have direct benefit to your golf swing and therefore shots.

How much improvement can I expect from this course?

Your individual improvement will be affected by many factors, however because you are going to work on natural and solid principles, that bring your mind and body together, even a small improvement will have a direct benefit in your results.

Is there any support after the course?

All attendees will receive a series of videos after the 3 days, including a personalised one so you will always have something to refer back to and remind you of exactly what you need to work on.

If you would like additional support a month of unlimited remote support can be purchased for £297.

What is a typical itinerary?

Day 1:
• AM: Introduction to the fundamentals and applying them on the range and short game.
• PM: Continuation of morning plus 9 Holes
Day 2:
• AM: Applying the principles across all areas of your game, including some individual work where needed.
• PM: Continuation of morning plus 9 Holes

How do I secure my place?

Contact Scott directly via scott@scottcranfield.com expressing your interest. A time will be arranged to discuss the program to make sure it is a good fit for you. If it is you can then book and pay for your place.

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