Attend the Worlds Best Sporting Events

From the NFL Super Bowl to International Test Cricket

Witnessing history on the biggest stage at golfing events like The Masters and the Ryder Cup are experiences that every golfer wants to attend at least once, however outside of the golfing world there are equally prestigious events that any sporting fan would crave to be apart of.

Starting with the NFL Super Bowl, which attracts millions of viewers from all around the world year on year has similar demand to The Masters, which makes accessing tickets extremely challenging. However when booking a Super Bowl package with Your Golf Travel you can play some of the most elite golf courses in the area whilst attending the Super Bowl itself.

Another incredible opportunity is flying all the way to Cape Town to watch England and South Africa battle it out in the Test Cricket. On top of watching the cricket you can take a drive down the picturesque Garden Route and play some of the best golf courses on the way, including Pinnacle Point and Fancourt Links. The cricket isn't the only sporting event taking place here in Cape Town either, as the British & Irish Lions Rugby Team will compete here in 2021 as part of their South Africa Tour. So have a look at some of the best experiences you can package together or speak to our experts for more details today.

With our dedicated team of golf travel specialists to advise, guide and plan your dream golf experience, there’s no need to lose sleep.

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