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What to Pack for Your Golf Holiday

Our handy guide to get you fully prepared for your next golf trip

Our Guide on Essential Items you need to pack for a Golf Holiday

Every golf trip has two types of golfers:

Golfer 1: has written their golf trip checklist about an hour after receiving the all important booking confirmation, has packed about 3 weeks before the airport meet and often turns up with enough golf essentials to last a lifetime.

Golfer 2: “Doesn’t need a checklist” and refuses to pack until the night before the trip, at which point they chuck whatever they can find in their suitcase and adopt the “there’s nothing I can’t buy whilst I’m out there" mindset.

In a world of Golfer Two’s, be a Golfer One. Although it might feel like a great idea to leave things until the last minute, actually planning and preparing for what you need to pack will help you in the long run. It’ll also mean you don’t end up forgetting those golf trip must haves or with two polos to last you for 7 nights and 5 rounds.

With that in mind, here’s everything you need to pack for your next golf trip:

Golf Clubs

Obviously, right? But it’s not just the clubs themselves you need to think about. You’ll need a suitable travel bag - if you’re the envy of all golfers and travel a few times a year, it’s well worth investing in one of your own. However, if it’s just the occasional trip or perhaps even your first trip, borrowing one from a friend is a great option. A golf travel bag will make everything easier and lessen the chances of your clubs getting damaged in transit.

If you aren’t precious about taking your own clubs, hiring is a great option and will save time and hassle on the journey. Most golf clubs will offer hire sets for a small fee, but it’s always worth checking with where you’re going beforehand just to be sure.

Golfer hack: using an Airtag and putting in your golf bag pre-travel will help save time and stress in the unfortunate and unlikely event that your clubs go missing or are stolen.

Golf Travel Bag

Golf Bag Essentials

Now that you’ve safely packed your clubs, it’s time to think about everything else you’ll need for a successful (quality of your golf game not guaranteed) round. Although most of the items below can be purchased during your trip, going prepared will be more cost effective and save you sacrificing precious range time to pick up another sleeve of Pro V1's.

Golfer hack: if you don’t own a rangefinder, using one of the many apps available to determine yardages will help, especially when playing new and unfamiliar courses.

✅ Golf Balls
✅ Golf Shoes
✅ Glove
✅ Tees
✅ Pitchmark Repairer
✅ Ball Marker
✅ Towel
✅ Rangefinder

Golf Clothes

This all depends on where you’re going and the time of year you’re travelling and it’s well worth checking the weather forecast of your destination before you travel so you can pack accordingly. If you have the space, packing for all eventualities means you’re a lot less likely to get caught out by the odd spot of rain or morning chill during that early tee time.

Once you’ve got a good idea of the weather, you’ll want to make sure you pack comfortable clothing that’s suitable for the course. While the majority of golf courses are pretty flexible on dress code these days, you don’t want to get to the first tee and have a nasty surprise.

Golfer hack: if you’re running out of space in your suitcase / hand luggage, squeezing a few items of clothing in your golf travel bag will help you fit in a few more bits. Wrapping your clubs themselves in items of clothing will also give them extra protection when travelling.

Other Non-Golf Essentials

Packing casual wear for days away from the course (if that’s your thing…) and smart casual clothing for the evenings will both come in handy when exploring local attractions, bars and restaurants. Activewear and swimwear is also a must-pack if you’re planning to make the most of hotel facilities such as the sports courts, spa, gym or pools.

Golfer hack: packing golf clothing that can double up as evening wear - for example smart, plain polo shirts - will help to save space when packing.

Other items you should pack are:
✅ Toiletries (including sun cream)
✅ Adapters
✅ Powerpack
✅ Chargers
✅ Local currency

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