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French Open Golf Courses

French Open Venues you can play while on a Golf Holiday in France

French Open Golf Courses

Playing a French Open Golf Course

Imagine stepping onto a golf course that has witnessed the triumphs and challenges of the oldest national open in Continental Europe, the prestigious French Open. As you set foot on these hallowed fairways, you can almost feel the echoes of golfing legends reverberating through the air. The courses in question are not just mere patches of grass; they are living, breathing entities that have played witness to the most exhilarating moments in golfing history.

As you navigate the undulating terrain, you can't help but marvel at the meticulous design of the course. Every bunker, every water hazard, and every strategically placed tree seems to have been carefully crafted to test your mettle. The course is a true masterpiece, a symphony of nature and human ingenuity, designed to push you to your limits and reward your efforts.

Playing a golf course that has hosted the French Open is not just a game; it's an experience that transcends the boundaries of time. It's a chance to walk in the footsteps of golfing giants, to feel the weight of their achievements and the pressure of their expectations. It's an opportunity to test your skills against the best, to measure yourself against the legends who have graced these fairways.

Playing on these courses is not just about hitting a little white ball; it's about becoming a part of something much bigger, something that transcends the boundaries of sport and touches the very essence of human achievement.

Le Golf National, Albatros Course

The scene of Europe's stunning victory in The 2018 Ryder Cup, Le Golf National is regarded as one of the toughest golf courses to have ever hosted golf's greatest team event. With water in play on numerous holes, the Albatros Course is one that requires excellent course management and accuracy off the tee for any chance of playing to your handicap.

Top-rated by professionals and amateurs alike, Le Golf National is an excellent choice for a golf break in France.

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Le Golf National, Albatros Course facts
Location Guyancourt, Paris
Length 7,271 yards
Par 71
Designed by Hubert Chesneau
Established 1991
Hosted Ryder Cup 2018
Hosted French Open 29 times
Where to stay Paris

❝The Albatros is a real challenge, especially off the tee. Make sure you keep the ball as close to the fairway as you can do, the fairway is tough and there's plenty of lakes ready for off-line drives.❞
Paul (Overseas Team: Handicap +1)

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Golf de Chantilly (Vinieuil Course)

This prestigious club stands tall among Europe's finest, boasting two extraordinary courses that will leave even the most seasoned golfers in awe. Prepare to be captivated by the sheer beauty and challenge that awaits you in the heart of Chantilly.

The renowned Vinieuil Course is a masterpiece crafted by the legendary Tom Simpson back in 1909. With its striking resemblance to the enchanting woodland and heathland courses of southern England, the Vinieuil Course exudes a distinct British charm that will transport you to golfing paradise.

This championship test demands nothing short of perfection from every golfer who dares to take on its challenges. The Vinieuil Course is a true testament to the artistry of golf course design, offering a remarkable golfing experience that simply cannot be missed.

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Golf de Chantilly (Vinieuil Course) facts
Location Vineuil-Saint-Firmin
Length 6,399 metres
Par 71
Designed by Tom Simpson
Established 1909
Hosted French Open 11 times

❝The course provides free range balls for a warm up before the game on a superb driving range and be sure to get a yardage book as there are a few doglegs and blind tee shots!❞
Paul (Overseas Team: Handicap +1)

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Le Touquet (La Mer Course)

Le Touquet has earned its reputation as one of the finest golf destinations in all of Continental Europe. With an impressive 45-holes of golf and a European Tour pedigree, this place is a golfer's paradise.

In 1977, the legendary Seve Ballesteros triumphed on these very grounds, etching his name into golfing history. La Mer, aptly named "The Sea," is a true testament to the classic links style that golfers adore.

Crafted by the brilliant minds of Harry Colt, the mastermind behind Royal Portrush, and Charles Alison, La Mer has played host to six French Opens. As you step onto the course, you can't help but feel like you've been transported back in time, as if this course has always been a part of the rugged coastline. From the moment you tee off to the final putt, you'll be captivated by the sheer quality and beauty of this course.

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Le Touquet (La Mer Course) facts
Location Le Touquet-Paris-Plage
Length 7,032 yards
Par 72
Designed by Harry Colt
Established 1931
Hosted French Open 6 times

❝A long testing course and if the wind gets up be prepared for a tough day. Large undulating greens, running fairways and a stunning clubhouse, this is the diamond in the crown of Northern France and once you have played you will want to come back again and again.❞
Neil (Head of European Product: Handicap 18)

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Golf Barriere De Deauville

A golfing haven nestled on the picturesque northwest coast of France. Just a short two-hour drive from the bustling streets of Paris, this 27-hole golf complex offers a truly enchanting experience for players of all skill levels.

The crown jewel of Golf Barriere de Deauville is its renowned 18-hole championship course, a masterpiece crafted by the legendary Tom Simpson in 1931. Prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking views of the Normandy coastline and the Vallée du Pays d'Auge as you navigate your way through Simpson's creation. It is a true test of strategy and technique, where every shot requires careful consideration. Only those with considerable guile and a deft touch will emerge victorious.

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Golf Barriere De Deauville facts
Location Le Mont Canisy, Deauville
Length 5,968 metres
Par 71
Designed by Tom Simpson
Established 1929
Hosted French Open 1931, 1956

❝With three loops of 9, you have the choice to make, my preference is the Red and White course, with the backdrop of the beautiful hotel and views of Deauville and Trouville this is a course which if fun to play but has a good test about it.❞
Neil (Head of European Product: Handicap 18)

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Golf Biarritz Le Phare

Nestled in the heart of Biarritz, this course boasts an incredible location, stretching along the Atlantic shoreline. Originally designed by the legendary duo Tom and Willie Dunn in 1889, with later enhancements by the renowned Harry Colt in the 1920s, Le Phare is a testament to the rich history of golf. Its timeless design has stood the test of time, attracting golf enthusiasts from all over the world.

Le Phare may not be the longest course, but don't be fooled by its modest length. Its subtle design and strategic layout ensure that even the most skilled golfer will be met with a worthy challenge. Every swing, every putt, and every shot will test your abilities and keep you on your toes.

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Golf Biarritz Le Phare facts
Location Biarritz
Length 5,402 metres
Par 69
Designed by Tom & Willie Dunn, Harry Colt
Established 1888
Hosted French Open 1970, 1971, 1972

❝What a stunning course, very technical, not overly long but always in fabulous condition, overlooking Biarritz this is a must play when in the region of Biarritz.❞
Neil (Head of European Product: Handicap 18)

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Golf International Barriere La Baule

Step onto the lush greens of Golf International Barrière La Baule and you'll be transported to a golfer's paradise. Established in 1976 in the charming town of Saint André-des-Eaux, this golf course has grown to become one of the top five in France, boasting an impressive 45 holes.

Originally designed by the renowned English architects Peter Alliss and Dave Thomas, the course covered 150 acres and featured 18 holes. But as the years went by it was extended to 27 holes in 1994 and then to 36 holes in 2000 after a stunning renovation by French architect Michel Gayon. Today, the course spans a whopping 540 acres across three towns: La Baule, Saint André-des-Eaux, and Guérande.

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Golf International Barriere La Baule facts
Location Saint-André-des-Eaux
Length 5,981 metres
Par 72
Designed by Peter Alliss, Dave Thomas, Michel Gayon
Established 1976
Hosted French Open 1978

❝A lovely 18 holes of golf, some really challenging holes with water which can come into play, one to play when in Southern Brittany and one you will come off having enjoyed a fun round.❞
Neil (Head of European Product: Handicap 18)

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Lyon Golf Club

Nestled at the base of the awe-inspiring French Alps in the Rhone Valley lies the Lyon Golf Club - a true gem of a complex that has been wowing golfers since its inception in 1919.

The Les Brocards course, a Par 72 layout held the French Open back in 1979. Don't be fooled by its charm - this course is a true test for any golfer, with its long Par 3 and tricky dog leg holes that require precision and skill.

The Sangliers Course was selected to host the 2001 French Open, where the legendary Jose Maria Olazabal emerged victorious. And it's no wonder - with its undulating fairways, challenging bunkers, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains, this course is a true championship layout in every sense of the word.

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Lyon Golf Club facts
Location Villette-d'Anthon
Length 6,105 metres & 6,575 metres
Par 72
Designed by Fred Hawtree, Hugues Lambert
Established 1919
Hosted French Open 1979, 2001

❝A fantastic 18 holes of golf, it is open and fair but well placed water hazards can trip you up, lovely clubhouse overlooking the 18th, is great to watch your friends playing in.❞
Neil (Head of European Product: Handicap 18)

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Golf du Medoc (Chateaux Course)

Looking for a golfing experience that's truly world-class? Look no further than Golf du Medoc Resort, one of France's most renowned golf destinations. With not one, but two internationally acclaimed championship courses - the Chateaux and the Vignes - this resort is a golfer's paradise.

The Châteaux course is laid out over the famous Medoc terrain, in the heart of the stunning wine region around Bordeaux. It is often compared to the purest tradition of Scottish links, with wide fairways bordered by heather, gorse and broom. And the quality and technicality of the greens make this championship course a true golfing challenge. Of course, the stern Atlantic breezes can make it a formidable proposition - but for those who rise to the challenge, it's an experience that's truly unforgettable.

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Golf du Medoc (Chateaux Course) facts
Location Le Pian-Medoc, Bordeaux
Length 6,345 metres
Par 71
Designed by Bill Coore
Established 1989
Hosted French Open 1999

❝Two exceptionally challenging courses, Les Vignes and Chateau, the latter being the toughest course, long drives required and difficult approach shots, a real challenge for any handicapper.❞
Neil (Head of European Product: Handicap 18)

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