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Our Most Exotic Golf Holiday Destinations

Fall in love with some of the World's most beautiful golf locations

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Mauritius: Tee off on an island paradise

Journey to the ‘Star of the Indian Ocean’, a sub-tropical island paradise, famous for its beaches, lagoons, reefs, rainforests, and stunning courses.

Thailand: For courses flanked by ancient volcanos and white sand beaches

Thailand's geography lends to its golfing prowess in Asia, with different terrains making each round an experience of a lifetime. From the central plains, to the high mountains of the west, and the islands of the south.

Vietnam: Play among the paddy fields

Welcome to golf in Vietnam, where water buffalo work the paddy fields in peaceful harmony with the green keepers, at your the destination for your next round.

Malaysia: Rainforest golf at its finest

What we love about golfing in Malaysia, is the variety. You can tee off at a manicured country club course outside its capital one day, and in the depths of a rainforest island the next. Keep an eye out for Macaques and Dusky Leaf Monkeys that roam the flanks the golf course.

Dominican Republic: For the ultimate Caribbean golf experience

And relax. You’ve just arrived on the island primed to rejuvenate your life, and your golf game. Teeth of the Dog will challenge you, the beaches and crystal clear water will restore you. And, you might not want to leave.

Canada: The big sky nation for truly magical golf

Of course you can play on the outskirts of Canadas wonderful cities, but there’s really nothing like playing at the foothills of the Rockies, through the fir trees, alongside the lakes.

New Zealand: For (distractingly) jaw-dropping rounds

If you’ve heard or seen photos of Cape Kidnappers, you’ll know what we mean when we say that New Zealand’s main course hazard is its beauty. Try not to be distracted by those panoramic ocean views from Kauri Cliffs.

The Caribbean: Play under palm trees & beside crystal blue seas

This is your destination for laidback and luxury, with stunning courses set on truly remarkable islands. There’s so much to explore, and even more to fall in love with.

South Africa: For golf with a side of safari

South Africa, home of the 'Big Five Six': the lion, leopard, black rhinoceros, African bush elephant, the African buffalo, and your golf game. Flex your prowess at some of the most unique golfing settings you'll ever play.

Morocco: Playing between the desert & the Atlas Mountains

Golf holidays in Morocco are an incredibly unique experience. One minute you’re in the centre bustling souk, the next you’re on the fairway, with quiet around you, mountains beside you, and a desert breeze whispering past.

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