Gullane Golf Club was established in 1884 but records of golf being played here go all the way back to the 1600's so nobody is quite sure of who designed the Gullane No.1 Course. Willie Park Jnr. later added two more courses, Gullane No.2 in 1898 and Gullane No.3 in 1910.

The three golf courses at Gullane are fortunate enough to be situated on one of the most fantastic pieces of golfing turf on Scotland's East coast. Situated at the west end of the village of Gullane in East Lothian, approximately 45 minutes from Edinburgh airport, with spectacular views back to Edinburgh and across the Forth to the Kingdom of Fife, the scene is truly idyllic.

Blessed with fantastic links turf golf can be played on the Gullane courses all year round, if you find the fairway then you are almost guaranteed a perfect lie. If you happen to be golfing in the East Lothian area then a round on all three Gullane links is well recommended.