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Great For Doing Something New

Great For Doing Something New

Great For Doing Something New

Think back to the first time you stepped foot on the tee, the first birdie you ever made, the first time you got your handicap cut; how exciting was that feeling!

We want you to carry on getting that fuzzy, awe-inspiring experiencing of trying something new and what better way to do so than sending you off the beaten track to the latest, premier golfing destinations that haven’t quite been on your radar until now, or booking your first group trip with all your pals, selecting teams and getting ready to take the glory. 

Let’s get you excited about golf again and ready for a trip you’ll never forget. The world is your fairway.

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Must do's around the globe

Great For Doing Something New UK

You don't need to travel far...


We think it's fair to say that most golfers have heard of The Belfry, Celtic Manor & The K Club. And don't get us wrong, those courses should 100% be on your bucketlist (who doesn't want to follow in the footsteps of their heroes and try to recreate iconic moments) but do you ever feel like a sheep? Playing the same courses as everyone else? Let's find you some new fairways.

The courses below are off the beaten track & are simply fabulous. They're quiet and in ridiculous condition. Whittlebury Hall Hotel also has a luxury spa meaning you can book a break that both you and your other half can enjoy.

great for doing something new - parasailing

Discover Europe


Winter hits the UK and we call an end to 'a few holes after work' or 'just nipping down the nets'. It's cold, it's bleak but most importantly, it's dark. Glow in the dark balls don't suffice and let's be honest, you're likely to step in a rabbit burrow and twist your ankle in the pitch black anyway. Behold Regnum Carya, Turkey and it's night golf. It does exactly what it says on the tin, but it's under floodlights. If you haven't tried a round yet, get on it.

Doing new things isn't just about golf experiences. Head off the course and down to the gorgeous beaches in Tenerife (that's what the island is known for after all) and try parasailing. We guarantee, nothing will make you laugh and scream like a little child, quite like this. It comes YGT Rory approved.

Great For Doing Something New - ROW

Worldwide courses and experiences


Shangri La Hambantota in Sri Lanka is the only golf resort in Sri Lanka and offers incredible coastal views as well as 18 holes of Championship golf. Plus with it being so close to Yala National Park, it's a stunning, unique destination.

When you dream of a holiday, do crystal clear blue waters, gorgeous green foliage, white sandy beaches spring to mind? In that case, we've got a destination that ticks all those boxes and oh-so much more. Situated smack-bang in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is a rising star of holiday destinations. And guess what? The golf is top-notch, especially The Mid Ocean Club which is the Number 1 ranked golf course in the country.

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Have you thought about these?

great for experiences

Try something new off-course


The thing about a golf holiday is that golf is only a small part of it... time-wise. With so many other hours in the day, it's important to make the most of your surroundings, whether that be sampling a Michelin Star restaurant at Manor House (or Two Michelin Star restaurant at Gleneagles), jumping on a sunrise safari in South Africa or parasailing during an afternoon at the beach.

great for doing something new - golf boards

Try something new on the fairway

Golf Boards

A cross between a skateboard and a golf buggy. Genius. If you havent tried one of these bad boys yet, they're well worth hiring when you next visit the likes of Hanbury Manor or Fairmont St Andrews. Not only are they a super efficient way of actually getting around the course (no more driving between yours and your partners shots), they are really fun. Feel the wind whip through your hair (or lack of - no judgement here) as you're crusing along the fairways in a completely new way.

great for experiences

Follow the Pro's

Tournament Courses

You've likely heard us harp on about this before. But that's because nothing beats playing a course which has hosted one of golf's greatest events... like The Ryder Cup, or The Open. There are many moments from these tournaments that have gone down in golfing history and now you can play the very same fairways. Okay you may not smoke it down the middle like your favourite players, nor make that 20ft putt to secure victory for your team, but what other sport on that planet lets you actually try?!

5 New things for you to try on your next holiday

So you're planning a golf holiday? As the leading golf travel company, not only can we help you choose a fantastic golf destination and book every element for you, we can also give you personalised recommendations for other things to try whilst you are away.

Rory has complied a list of 5 NEW things to try for your next trip... all based on his own real experiences while travelling with Your Golf Travel.

5 THINGS YOU'VE NEVER DONE ON A GOLF HOLIDAY (But definitely should!!)

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