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Cabell B. Robinson Golf Courses

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Mr 'Costa del Golf'

Cabell Robinson played a prominent role in converting the Costa del Sol in southern Spain into the ‘Costa del Golf’, as well as designing golf courses throughout the rest of Europe.

He has designs all over Europe and North Africa including in France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Switzerland, Cyprus and Italy.

Cabell Robinson Facts

Name Cabell B. Robinson
Born 12 Oct, 1941
Nationality American

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About Cabell Robinson

Cabell B Robinson was born on 12th October 1941 in Washington DC and grew up in the suburbs of Maryland. He gained a Bachelor of Arts in History at Princeton University going on to study at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design, completing his Bachelor's of Landscape Architecture at the University of California-Berkeley in 1967.

While at Harvard Cabell met Rees Jones and the two men formed a close friendship. The friendship led to Cabell working for his Rees' father, Robert Trent Jones, over the next 20 years he would rise to the position of head of the European office.

Cabell would move to the Costa del Sol in 1970 to run the European office of the company, Robert Trent Jones is credited with a number of designs in Europe during the 1970s and 1980s but Cabell Robinson may well have had a hand in those courses.

Cabell established his own company in 1987 and went on to put his name to a number of courses within the Costa del Sol including La Cala, La Reserva, Santana Golf & Country Club, Valle Romano, Finca Cortesin and Las Colinas.

When asked in an interview for Andalucia Golf how to go about a new project Robinson replied:

“The first thing you have to do is check out the terrain, the topography, to see if you can or cannot build a golf course there. I can then visualise where, initially, the holes will be – not in detail but in general."

"Nine holes here and the other nine over there – or something like that. The rest is easier. You have to draw up the plans, but most of all you need to be familiar with the terrain and be out on the course supervising the construction.”

“One of the lessons I learned from Jones is that the routing, the course layout, is the most important thing, because it’s like what a tailor does – once the material is cut you can’t change much."

Cabell would eventually expand his design work through other areas of Europe designing layouts in Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Cyprus and on into North Africa designing a number of courses in Morocco.

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